It's Just not the Same

Japera Burk just found out her Dad got a new job in America. Moving from Zimbabwe was going to be a big achievement for Japera. Leaving her hometown would mean she'd be leaving her friends, school and the friendly atmosphere. Laila had never been to another country before, so it'll be very hard. Laila faces some difficulties getting new friends in America and fitting in.



6. Diary #5

Dear Diary,

It's been a couple of days since my family and I had landed in America. We've settled in our new apartment well. I was very reluctant to go to school, as I have never been to an American high school. At first I didn't have any friends, but strangely enough, someone came up to me and said:

"Hi, I'm Sophie, what's your name? I heard you are new here. I can show you around if you want," She said, very excitedly. 

I was actually quite shocked, I didn't think I'd get a friend THAT fast. Moving to a different country isn't that bad after all! Though I still miss my friends from Zimbabwe. I contact them often, often as in everyday! 

Our apartment was actually pretty cool. We got it with all the furniture so we didn't have to do much. I finally have my own room, instead of sharing with my whole family. There are proper couches, a TV, a large kitchen and a great bathroom! Not only that, there is a really nice backyard outside. 

If you are going to leave to another country, just remember, if you keep in contact with your friends, it won't be that bad! You will go through some tough times, but you will be happy at the end!

- Japera

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