It's Just not the Same

Japera Burk just found out her Dad got a new job in America. Moving from Zimbabwe was going to be a big achievement for Japera. Leaving her hometown would mean she'd be leaving her friends, school and the friendly atmosphere. Laila had never been to another country before, so it'll be very hard. Laila faces some difficulties getting new friends in America and fitting in.



5. Diary #4

Last day :(


Dear Diary,

The day I've been dreading for has finally arrived. Today is my last day. To see my school. To say good bye to my neighbours. My house. My friends.

Going to school today wasn't at all the best. I saw my dog Thomas (Whom I haven't mentioned before. He is a border collie) lying on the road, not moving an inch. Some people were crowded around him. I couldn't say a word. What. Happend. To. Thomas.

A witness told me that he got run over by a bike.

A BIKE?!?!?! 

So first of all, I'm leaving today, I'm already sad from that and then Thomas passes away. 

Neighbours carried Thomas back home to my parents. I just carried on to school. Suprisingly, I didn't cry. I guess I'm used to being sad these days.

Though when I saw my friends, I felt little droplets drip down my face one by one. Suddenly they all just came out. I ran, more like sprinted, to them. Hugged them as hard as I could. They hugged me back. We cried and cried into each others shoulders.

The school day went past, but my friends and I stuck together as if we were glued together. Finally, when it was time for me and my family to leave to America, I stared at my friends. I....I....I'm I stuttered. I never knew this could be so hard. They were with me at the airport. My family and I had to go through the ticket checker then round a corner to board our plane. I stood at the corner, and gave a final wave. 

"Goodbye, my dearest friends" I whispered.

I am writing on the airplane. We have 5 more hours till we get to America. 

- Japera

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