It's Just not the Same

Japera Burk just found out her Dad got a new job in America. Moving from Zimbabwe was going to be a big achievement for Japera. Leaving her hometown would mean she'd be leaving her friends, school and the friendly atmosphere. Laila had never been to another country before, so it'll be very hard. Laila faces some difficulties getting new friends in America and fitting in.



4. Diary #3

29 days left


Dear Diary,

There's 29 days left until I leave. Less than a month away. :( 

Today, was just a normal day. Nowadays, my friends have come even more closer to me. I invite them to my house everyday, we chat, do homework, and talk about what it would be like when I'm gone. 

We also had a maths test today. I thought I did relatively well. But when we got our marks back, I did exceptionally well. I was very proud of myself, and in fact, getting that good mark made me forget about me leaving. I won't be able to write often now, since we will be packing. 

This was a short diary entry, but I promise that I will write an extra long one once we've finished packing!

- Japera

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