It's Just not the Same

Japera Burk just found out her Dad got a new job in America. Moving from Zimbabwe was going to be a big achievement for Japera. Leaving her hometown would mean she'd be leaving her friends, school and the friendly atmosphere. Laila had never been to another country before, so it'll be very hard. Laila faces some difficulties getting new friends in America and fitting in.



3. Diary #2

Dear Diary,

Well, I had told my friends about me leaving, and they all burst into tears.  I hugged them the hardest I could. I was actually quite reluctant to tell them. I remember a small conversation between us: 

"Japera! You can't leave us!!" Maiba told me. 

"You've been our best friend for 5 years!" Jasper added in. 

"I know, it's not my fault I'm going! My Dad got a job there and I can't live here without my family!" I said. There was a slight crackle in my voice. I felt my eyes watering up. Tears gushed down my face like a waterfall as Jasper and Estelle hugged me.  How am I suppose to leave my friends? 

I didn't know what to do. I can't handle leaving them....Do I really have to do this? What if I hide at my friend's house until my family has left? Hide in school? No. I can't. My family is everything to me. They brought me up. How do other people leave their home country with ease? I don't get it. 

My Mother is calling me for dinner now. 

- Japera

P.S I will be leaving a countdown on each of my diary entries so I know how many days are left till I leave. I shouldn't be counting down to this sad occasion, but oh well.

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