It's Just not the Same

Japera Burk just found out her Dad got a new job in America. Moving from Zimbabwe was going to be a big achievement for Japera. Leaving her hometown would mean she'd be leaving her friends, school and the friendly atmosphere. Laila had never been to another country before, so it'll be very hard. Laila faces some difficulties getting new friends in America and fitting in.



2. Diary #1

Dear Diary,

As usual I was woken up at 5am by my mother, to help plant new vegetables. There weren't many to harvest since it was winter and the plants find it very hard to grow. I went to school and greeted my friends with welcoming hugs. School was normal, though when I got back home, my father was sitting down on the mat along with my mother and brother. He told me to sit down with them, then he told me the most horrible news I've ever heard.

"Japera, I've finally got a job in America, which means we are leaving. In a month, that is," he said seriously. 

I couldn't resist bursting into tears. Why so suddenly? A month is nothing, I have to say good-bye to my frien- What about my friends? How am I suppose to get new friends in America? 

And it's not just my friends I'm leaving. My school, home, neighbours and just the whole village! 

I never thought this would be happening. How will I tell my friends this horrible news?

- Japera 

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