2. Confusion

We held hands as we sat around the table. My mom recited the lords prayer and opened her eyes. "Jane, I don't know why you can't learn that." Mom said to can't. "You know I have dyslexia and I cant memorize anything." I replied. She looked at me with a smile on her face. "You can do anything." She said with encouragement. "Way to be cheesy mom." I mumbled.


  I stabbed my spaghetti with my fork and watched to see if it would stay. "Stop playing with your food, your fourteen." She scolded. "May I be excused?" I asked. "Fine she replied, but your eating this for supper tomorrow!" "Whatever!" I yelled. I headed for the library, my only place to enjoy myself and be me.


  I woke up curled up on the couch in the library. I must have fallen asleep while reading An Imperial Affliction. "Jane, time for school!" My mom shouted from the kitchen. I didn't want to get up. The couch was too comfy, it was an ugly pea green, but it was too comfy. I got up and walked to the doorway. I took one last look at the couch. the spot where I was sleeping was pitch black. I blinked in confusion and when I looked back it was gone.

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