Bite Me Once, Leave Me Never

Alexander Short has runaway from his abusive father and has begun exploring his sexuality with a dozen hookups. One meeting with a older stranger turns into a life changing event for young Alex and allows him to see the world that humans don't realize exist right under their noses.
Alexander's story is filled with sex, lies, death and kinks...


2. Prologue


   In a rundown motel on Kirkwood, Highway in Wilmington, Delaware; a young boy lies on a bed, handcuffed to the post and completely naked. He stares at the ceiling and sighs as if he is waiting for something. He is pale-skinned, blue-eyed and has dyed-black-hair. Around his neck he wears a black-dog tag which has the words “One Moon” engraved on it. He takes in the putrid smell of the motel room which is a mixture of sex and booze. He slightly rolls over and a trickle of semen drizzles out of his man-hole.

“What have I become?” he thinks to himself. His inner-thoughts are ruined by the sound of the toilet flushing, followed by the sink running. The door slowly opens and he steps out;

   Tall, toned, and rugged and a pair of Calvin’s clinging to the bulge between his legs. He strides over towards the young boy and removes the Calvin’s, unleashing his uncut-warrior from its prison.  The young boy watches it drop and bounce up and down, but with his eyes he sees a slow-motion-version of it. The young man knows nothing about this stranger that met online on a hookup site and he said he wanted to dominate a young-teenager aged fifteen to seventeen. And he was presented with sixteen-year-old Alexander Short a runaway who escaped his strict and religious father in Philadelphia.

    The stranger climbs over top of Alexander and while pressing one of his knees against Alexander’s chest, he slowly inserts his manhood into his mouth. The girth of the stranger’s-pole causes Alexander to gag and almost throw-up, the stranger eases out slowly and then dives back in until Alexander’s gag reflex gives in. The stranger eventually becomes satisfied with how wet Alexander has gotten his manhood and climbs off of him and proceeds to head down towards Alexander’s ass.

   Laying on his stomach the stranger begins to lick at Alexander’s semen-filled-hole and tastes his previous juices and moans softly with enjoyment of the flavor of his own seed.

“Daddy please fuck me again.” Alexander whines.

   The stranger grins and uncuffs Alexander, he then picks him up and sits him on his dick and begins to hold him while jabbing in and out of his young-hole with his fully-erect-manhood.

“Yes, you’re hitting my spot Daddy!” Alexander yells.

    The stranger begins to pick up speed and grunts deeply as he continues pounding deep inside of Alexander’s boy-cavern. Alexander’s own penis begins to leak thin-steams of precum. The stranger begins to passionately suck on Alexander’s neck, causing Alexander to moan louder as he feels ecstasy from the foreplay and his current penetration. The stranger grins and then Alexander feels a sharp pain in his neck, the stranger lets him go gently and pulls his manhood from within Alexander. Alexander falls backwards and lightly touches the pained-area of his neck…he slowly moves his hand in front of his face and sees that blood is now staining his hand…

“W…what have you done.” Alexander looks at the stranger with a newfound-fear.

   Before Alexander can do or say anything else; the stranger tackles him and proceeds to assault his neck and reinsert his penis into Alexander’s trembling boy-cavern. Alexander feels himself slowly slipping into a deep-sleep.












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