Avengers against the world

The Avengers walk in on a World Meeting, the countries manage to bluff their way out. After a while, all hell ensues when Loki returns with an even bigger army, and two infinity stones (slight metions of GoTG probably) and the Countries (and a few Micronations) have to join forces with the Avengers to fight him off. When the Avengers learn of the countries' true identities though, things fall apart, and it seems Loki is going to win. Can the two unlikely allies band together in time? Or will the entire world crumble?


1. In Which WWIII Is Nearly Started

Hello there, the stuff in bold is my authors note, in case you didn't know.

So I am fairly sure I'm supposed to include a disclaimer in fanfiction, so here goes:

I, Kate, do solemly swear upon Castiel, angel of Thursday, that I do not own Hetalia: Axis Powers or the Avengers.

There you go, law, happy?

I am.


The World Meeting was going exactly to plan.


That is, if the plan was to have the entire world nearly plunge itself into WWIII. England and France were at each other’s throats again, at the time England had the upper hand, holding France by his tie, and holding a small dagger to his throat. How England got the dagger past the extensive security measures was anyone’s guess.


Norway had started the ‘Oni-chan’ debate up again, and the Nordics were getting pretty heated. Finland was trying to calm every one down, in his own way.


“Sve-san! I want to be called oni-chan! Iceland! Call me oni-chan! Norway! Stop being mean to Iceland!”


“N’. I w’nt call y’ ‘ni-chan,” Sweden briefly contributed to the argument .

“Come on, Ice! Say it!” Pestered Denmark.


“No,” replied Iceland, “It’s stupid.”




“Not saying it,”




“Really, Norge? Give it a rest!”


“SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!” Germany yelled, though no one actually heard him, because Croatia and Serbia had started attacking each other again. Italy was cowering behind Germany, as more and more countries were dragged into the battle.


Eventually only Germany, Italy, Australia and the two New Zealands remained neutral. The entire office area was full of dust and flying bodies.


America was standing in the middle of the fray, yelling something about a shield, which needed to avenge something from a key. The other countries were drowning him out though, and the two New Zealands watched him grow angrier and angrier. They looked over at Australia, wondering if anyone would notice if they tackled him.


Suddenly the doors to the office opened. A group of people, including an extremely tall guy who looked like one of Norge’s old gods, and a dark-haired man with a glowing circle on his chest stood outside. The countries stopped fighting, the only movement in the room was Serbia, struggling to escape from Croatia’s chokehold.


America spun round, and when he spied the group his eyes went round.


“Oh, Crap.”


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