Avengers against the world

The Avengers walk in on a World Meeting, the countries manage to bluff their way out. After a while, all hell ensues when Loki returns with an even bigger army, and two infinity stones (slight metions of GoTG probably) and the Countries (and a few Micronations) have to join forces with the Avengers to fight him off. When the Avengers learn of the countries' true identities though, things fall apart, and it seems Loki is going to win. Can the two unlikely allies band together in time? Or will the entire world crumble?


2. In Which Avengers Assemble And An Escort Escorts

Phew! Chapter Two! Finally :D

I'm gonna disclaimer this chapter as well, beause I have a lot of things to swear on, and a number of things I want to swear to as well... 

But anyway,

I, Kate, do solemly swear on the pain of my enemies that I do not own Hetalia: Axis Powers or the Avengers, or any of the stuff I referenced in this chapter. I do, however, own the escort, because she is my OC.

Kudos and Internet cookies to those who correctly find and identify my 2 references. And look there, in the last paragraph, my name :D DefyGravity! How awesome am I?

Enjoy <3


“Tony?” Bruce leaned around his pile of beakers and tubes. “Have you seen my soldering iron? I swear, it was right here,”


After a brief pause, in which Bruce got no reply, he tried again. “Tony! Do you have my soldering iron?”


A dull thud, not dissimilar to a body falling to the ground was the only noise he received. Wondering if it was Clint and Natasha’s battle overhead or if Tony had passed out again, Bruce walked over to where he saw Tony last. Not to his surprise, Tony was face-first on the ground, a small puddle of drool forming around his face. The genius was surrounded by fragments of what Bruce could only assume was a piece of extremely valuable art.


Sighing, Bruce edged around Tony’s unconscious form, and grabbed his soldering iron from where Tony had obviously been hiding it.


“Sir, Mrs. Potts is outside. I recommend you hide the ruined artwork before she sees it,” JARVIS broke the silence that was pressing on the room. Bruce looked up, and saw Pepper walk in.


“Hi, Bruce,” she greeted him, “Have you seen Tony? I thought I should remind him, and you, that your meeting with Fury is in half an hour.”


Bruce moved to the side, revealing the unconscious Tony.


“Good luck waking him up,”



Steve walked through the corridors of the avengers tower, heading towards the thuds of bodies, a sound he knew would lead him to Clint and Natasha. They were all late for Nick Fury’s meeting.


Once he reached door where the thuds were the loudest, Steve stopped, should he risk his life for the sake of a meeting? Deciding ‘Tasha and Clint were less of a hazard to his health, he entered the room. Immediately, all noise stopped.


Steve looked around the suddenly empty room, suddenly very aware of his lack of protection.


“Mrs. Romanoff? Mr. Barton? I was told to fetch you for Fury’s meeting.” He said to what seemed like bare walls. An instant later, Natasha appeared out of seemingly nowhere, looking slightly angered, but willing to come with him. Clint was no-where to be seen.


“Mr. Barton?”




Natasha strode around the room, then, noticing something Steve didn’t, turned around and walked out of the room.


“Steve? You coming?” She said, glancing over her shoulder.


“But, Mr. Barton…”


“He’s found his own way to get there.”


On that ambiguous note, Steve and Natasha left to go meet the rest of the Avengers.




The group meet in the foyer of the Avengers Tower. Tony looking very unhappy about something, and his hair was in shambles. Bruce was supporting one side of Tony and Pepper the other. Natasha was explaining Clint’s absence to the others. Steve was standing, looking very uncomfortable, next to Sam, who had turned up just moments earlier.


The relative calm was shattered as a giant crack of thunder announced the arrival of final Avengers member, Thor. The unmistakable sound of breaking tarmac, and the wave of energy, that Thor’s landing generated shattered every window from the ground floor to the fifth. Tony’s face blackened.


The husks of the door swung open.


“COMRADES,” the Norse god bellowed, “I HAVE RETURNED TO MIDGARD,”


“Great to see you too, Thor,” the semi-unconscious Tony practically snarled.


The other Avengers chimed in their greetings, though theirs were noticeably more cheerful.


“We were just heading to SHEILD headquarters, Fury wants to meet with us,” Steve said.


“I shall come with you on your Midgardian transportation,” Thor said, “I too, have news.”


After an uneventful ride, the team arrived at SHEILD. They walked through the corridors, guided by an escort that met them at the foyer. They passed a few strange people, including an English couple, one of who had terrible taste in jumpers and was vertically challenged, and the other was glaring at everyone else, in a way which made several of them feel like he knew their life story. It was around then they noticed Clint had re-joined them.


“Please wait here, Mr. Fury will be with you shortly.” The escort said, pointing to a couch outside an office. They sat down and waited. After watching a pair of extremely tall men, and a shorter one in a trench coat, walk past whilst muttering something about demons, Natasha sat up, and glanced at Clint, who was also alert.


“You hear that?” Clint asked.


“Hear what?” Bruce chimed in.


“You don’t hear it?” Natasha said, “Listen,”


Concentrating, the rest of them all heard it, the sounds of fighting. Leaping to their feet, they sprinted down in the direction of the noise, which became louder. Finally they reached the door that seemed to lead to the source of the ruckus. They swung it open, to be greeted with a sight like no other. Nigh on 250 people were gathered in the room, and they all seemed to be fighting each other, it was hard to tell because they were all frozen, except for a couple in the back who were being strangled, and were struggling to escape. A blond guy with a cowlick that seemed to defy gravity turned around, and upon spying the group, widened his eyes.


“Oh crap,”

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