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Just some stuff I would find good to know


6. 6

Be Up Past Your Bedtime Without Parents Knowing

(Start with slow things until you learn some nightly patterns)

1. Stay up late for a few days just to see if your parents ever check on you during the night

2. If they check on you, find the time theu normally come in at

3. If going on a phone or something, start off with muting everything and lowering the brightness as far as it can go

• Don't let any light shine by your door

• Don't move around too much

• Don't do anything that may startle you

• Try to make no or little noise

• Have any pet in your room so if you make noise, it will be suspected to be the pet

4. TV is impossible 

5. Dont turn on anything that makes noise no matter what (PS3, for example)

6. Learn what makes noise and what noise it is. Also try to find a way to do something with it

and not make noise if you need to

7. Think of ways to stay uncaught if needing to rapidly hide anything

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