When Bambi moves from California to inner-city New York, her life takes an unexpected turn. Used to being an outcast and a misfit, she is thrust into popularity. Will it all go to her head? Or will she opt out of the preppy group and find her true self?


1. Thrust.

Thrust. Thrust into the doors of her new school. Thrust into becoming a misfit at yet another school. Thrust into the big apple.


As I walk into the doors of my new school, the hallways seem to gleam with a hint of mysteriousness. I know the first day will be the worst, and I know I will be a misfit here. I think twice about my outfit - cut-off jean shorts with a black tank-top and plaid shirt. As I take my first step, my black combat boots stick to the floor, grounding me. I take a deep breath and feel for my necklace. I can do this.

A bell shrills, and I cover my ears as hundreds of high schoolers come pouring through the doors. I walk faster towards the front office to get my schedule and bump into two jocks on my way . Smiling, they tell me where the office is and introduce themselves as Andy and Devon. They make me feel like I have a sense of security. But they're jocks. And I am me. So I keep walking.

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