Good Girls

Lucy is A straight A student till the end of her senior year, Things change as they turn around when her and a couple of her friends go on a college trip.


1. Graduation Day.

Today is the day i become a educated adult. Im excited. My Friend Lia and I decided to go see our boyfriends in Miami, We will drive there from L.A. We are also bringing a couple more people. Im excited to see Jack. I havent seen Him in months. Lias boyfriend Jc will be with Jack to meet us at theyre house, We dont leave for a while. In the mean time ill have fun in some fun before we leave. I get ready for the day. No Classes no teachers just sitting and waiting for your name to be called. Sitting and waiting. I walk down stairs and see my mom making pancakes. I can smell them. I was waiting for her to hand me my plate and fork. I was ready to put on my cap and gown. As my mom walked over to me with my plate and fork her eyes startt to tear up. She walks up stairs as i begin to eat my pancakes and sausage. My dad walks down the stairs and walks out the door. As my mom rushed downstairs.

"Mom, Whats he doing" I say as i hear a loud door slam

"Hes saying he isnt gonna go to your graduation" My mom says rushing out the door.

I get up and run out the door to the car. I open the door of the car as my dad backs out of the driveway. I motion my hand to tell my mom to go back inside.

"Dad! Why arent you going to my graduation.?" I say looking at him with a slight frown on my face.

"I dont want to see my only child grow up." He says about to cry.

I open the door and head back up the driveway, I walk up the front door and tell my mom to grab the car keys so we can head out to the highschool. As we are driving i get a call. Its isabel,.

*Answers Phone*


"Hey Its isabel, Um did you tell your mom we were all going to flordia?"

"Not yet I wanted to wait. till after the after party."

"Okay dont forget." 

"I wont ill see you at graduation,Bye"


*Hangs Up Phone*

I am on twitter going through all of my tweets when i meet the end of all my tweets as i look at my First tweet. "Im Lucy, Im 15 and im in 9th grade." I giggle at myself for that tweet. The car stops. I look up. We are here. My graduation day. Im ready. I walk in the school as someone leads my mom to her seat. I put on my cap and gown and walk out to wear we sit. I wait for about 20 minutes until everyone is here. After about an hour i finally got called. *Lucy Michaels* I walk up on stage and look at everyone i waved. I walked off stage to my mom. We hugged I asked if i could be led back to my seat. I sat back down until i hear the last name. We all stand up and Throw our caps in the air. Im officially an adult. Now for the after party. I called my mom and told her to go home cause im going to the after party. I met up with My friend elizabeth. Time to go to the after party. I walk in with my white crop top and light blue skinny jeans. I walk in with a sway in my step. I walk over to my friend chloe. I grab shots for both of us. I had one which led to another. which ledd to another. I was drunk by the middle of the party. I walked home. I walked through the front door and hurried up to my room i layed down and instantly fell asleep.

I woke up this morning feeling hung over, But free. I walked down stairs as i see my mom with my phone.

"Mom!!" I yell snatching my phone from her hand

"Your going to Flordia!!" She yelled at me twice as loud.

"I was gonna tell you but I thought you were gonna say no." I say in a normal tone.

"Why are you going to Flordia, What is there for you." My mom said still sounding angerly.

"Mom I have my boyfriend there." I say

"Jack? I thought you and him have been broken up?" She said sounding calmer

"Yes jack. I have all the money i need and im bringing a couple of friends. Ill be fine dont worry about me" I say looking at my phone "Ill be fine.

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