My one and only (zayn)

Jayden Stella (Selena Gomez) is a fun, talented loveable 15 year old girl, what happens when she moves to England to stay with her uncle who just so happens to be Simon Cowell and meets one direction and catches the eye of the one and only Zayn Malik ? Read to find out!!!

A/n: ok guys, I wrote the same story on another account that goes by (ThAt*CoOl*ChIcK) but I logged out and couldn't get back on it :P *sigh* so know I didn't steal this story, it is completely original all my idea ;) thanks and enjoy <3


3. chapter 3 :)

Jayden's POV:

I was woken up yet again my knocking on the Door, seriously does no one get that I love my sleep? I look at the clock it was already 8:00 wow I must of slept in due to the events that occurred last night. Wow I can't believe it I had only been in England one day and I had already made friends!!! The boys were great I would love to get to know Louis and Harry more though. Liam and me had only just met and we were already basically best friends, as for Niall those blue eyes were so easy to get lost in and his accent was so adorable! Wow i think I might have a little crush..........oh no no no come on jay you are not allowed to have a crush on a popster you'll reck everything! Besides no 1D boy would ever go for someone like you, your only 15!!!! My thoughts travel to Zayn he was so quiet he probably didn't even notice I was there, and he probably only kissed my hand to be polite.......another knock seriously !!!! "Yes?" I say a little bit annoyed. The door opens to revel uncle Simon again, "hello sweetheart, you are honestly very hard to wake up". "Well maybe then you shouldn't" i reply jokingly, he chuckles "well maybe then I should tell the young men downstairs, to do it", "what?!" I yell. "Don't let them in I'm not ready yet", "oh no what am I gonna wear?" I say while rushing around my room to pick clothes to take in the bathroom ready for after my shower, "I'll tell then you'll be down in about 20 minuets then" he said while walking to the door" but it was to late I was already I was already in the shower.


I look in the mirror feeling satisfied for my appearance in under 20 minuets. I'm wearing a blue flower singlet have top and high wasted shorts and a see through white blouse over the top : my hair was left natural falling down my back my makeup was this: I look in the mirror one last time smoothing out any creases on my clothes then make my way downstairs to were I see only 3 of the 5 boys ?.

Niall's POV:

She made her way down the stairs looking stunning as always with a confused look on her face, it soon disappeared when she jumped in Liam's arms spun her around and peaked her check "aw LiLi did you miss me already?" She says jokingly "of course!" he replied honestly next she came over to me and wrapped her arms round my neck. It was a quick but warm hug I pecked her Check. I could feel Zayns glare shooting darts to the back of my head, seriously ? What was his problem?! Next she moved to Zayn I felt my fist clench he kissed her check they stayed staring into each other's eyes for what seemed like forever, when in reality it was only a few seconds before before jay broke away "where are Louis and Harry?" She asked confused. " Harry has the flu and couldn't make it and Louis is on a date or something?" Liam replied "so it's just us for today" Zayn said with a grin. I felt my blood boil, was I starting to have feelings for this girl ?

Jayden's POV:

"What do you guys want to do?" Liam asks, "let's go out for breakfast seeing it's only 8:30!" Niall replies. Wow from what I can see he loves food "sure breakfast sounds great" Liam answered. Oh great I hate breakfast! I never eat it, sometimes I'll have a piece of dry toast or an apple now and again but it's not really my thing. "Yeah that sounds great" I say not wanting to be rude, "my shout" Zayn says we all object but he insists.

We pull up to this quant little cafe on the side of the street and take a seat a a four seater table I sit at the end with Liam on one side of me and Zayn on the other Niall sat by Zayn. Soon the waitress came over to take our order she was eyeing up Liam, "what can I get you?" She asked Niall piped up first "I'll have the big breakfast the one with the eggs, bacon and toast" she wrote it down "I will also have pancakes and an orange juice please" he finished like I said that boy loves his food. "I'll have a the mushroom and tomato omelette please" Liam said, "I'll have a black coffee please" said Zayn ", "ooooh I'll have the same please" I said, "will that be all?" The waitress asked, "yes that's all thank you". After she left Liam asked "why didn't you guys get any food?", "I'm not really a breakfast person" me and Zayn said at the same time. We both looked at each other and smiled, we were getting lost in each others eyes until a cough pulled our eyes away, it was Niall "um if you to don't mind, our foods here" he said coldly. Once we were all done with our food zayn paid and we started walking down the street until we came up to a park, "oh my gosh!!! A park, a park can we please go!! Pleeeease" I ask like a little child, they all laugh at me "what?" I ask, "your such a little child" Liam replies jokingly "and?" I ask a little mad "come on, race you to the swings" I say taking off into a sprint. When I reach the swing the others are following behind me puffing. "Wow your fast!" Says Niall between breaths. I just shrug and jump on the swing "someone push me" soon I feel my self starting to swing I look back and realise it's zayn. "Oh hey zaynie!!", "hey" he replies "are you having fun?". "Yeeeessss!!!!!!" I yell he just chuckles. "Um Niall can I talk to you for a second?" I hear Liam ask "sure mate" Niall replies. I see them walking over to a tree just out of ear reach.

Liam's POV:

"Niall do you have feelings for jay?", he looks confused "why do you ask that?" He says though I know he knows why. "Oh don't play dumb, I see the way you act around her", "well tbh I really don't know" he says truthfully "how can you not know?" I ask. "Well I guess I kind of do" he says "so you do?" This boy needed to make up his mind "yeah I do" he replied there was a silents until he spoke up "err uh we should be getting back", "err yeah we should" I quickly replied.

It was twelve a clock when we got back to jays house "I'm starving!" Niall whined, "we should order a pizza for lunch" Jayden suggested we all nodded in agreement. Jayden was on the phone ordering pizza and we were in the lounge watching tv when Simon walked in, "hey guys what have you been up to today?". "Oh we went out for breakfast, and then we went to the park for awhile cause jay made us" I said, oh right "where is that beautiful niece of mine?". "She's in the kitchen ordering pizza" replied Niall , just then Jayden walked in. "Oh hey uncle si", "hello sweetheart" Simon said as he kissed her forehead. "I was just about to say to the boys, that it's a hot day yous should go swimming"he suggested. "That sounds like a great idea!" Yelled Niall as he through his shirt off and jumped in Simons massive pool. "That boy is so weird" Simon said as he walked off. "Hey Zayn race you to the pool !" I said while throwing of my shirt, Zayn did the same and we jumped in. "Jump In jay the waters great!" Zayn called out,"I'm just gonna go but on my togs, I'll be right back" and with that she ran up the stairs.

Jayden's POV:

I quickly got dressed in my favourite bikini: and went downstairs I went to the deck chair and laid my towel down the whole time I felt eyes on me but I chose to ignore it, just as I was about to lay down the doorbell rang "pizzas here I'll get it" I say. I open the door to a very cute guy in a pizza place uniform, "uhh....five large pepperoni" he says nervously. I felt his eyes travel down my body, I started to feel uncomfortable " uh yeah, thanks." I stutter out, there was a moment of silence "oh right that will be 24.80" he says quickly. I hand him the money and he hands me my pizza, "you're not from around here are you?" He says quickly. "Is it that obvious?", "you're accent gives it away". We both laugh, "I'm Shane by the way" he says looking into my eyes, I take this time to look at his appearance. He has dark green eyes and sandy blonde hair that's swept to the side like an old 'Justin Bieber' kind of look. "And you are ?" He says looking at me. "Oh right I'm jay" I say snapping out of my thoughts. "It's really nice to meet you jay" he smiles "maybe we could hang out sometime. "I would love that!" I say while grinning. I hand him my phone and he hands me his, I put my contact under 'jay<3' and hand him his phone back, after I got my phone back Shane was just about to say some thing when he got cut off. "Jayjay what's taking so long" I look up and next to me is Niall, his smile drops when he saw a slightly uncomfortable Shane. "Who's this?" He says while keeping eye contact with Shane. "This is--" I started until Shane cut me off, "I really should be getting back to work, it was nice meeting you" before I could say anything he was in his car driving off. "Let's go inside I'm starving" Niall says I just follow.

Zayn's POV:

It's around 11:30, and we are all watching a movie on the couch, I think it's 'the hunger games' or something? I don't know, Liam suggested we watch one after hours of swimming, and jay jumps up and says we have to watch her all time favourite movie. My eyes travel the room, I see Niall spread out on the floor snoring away, then I look over to the other side of the couch were I see jay cuddled into Liam's side asleep, I can't help but feel

a pang of jealousy "why can't she be cuddled into me?!" I mumble to myself. "Mate you just need to get to know her better let her warm up to you" my eyes meet Liam's, shit he heard me "I know I just wish I could have that bond with her like you do".

"We should probably get going" Liam says while carefully getting up, he goes to pick up jay when I stop him "it's ok I'll take jay to her room, I'll meet you and Niall in the car" ok he say walking over to a sleeping Niall "come one mate time to go" he says while practically dragging Niall to the car. I gently pick a the sleeping beauty bridal style, she stirs at first but only to calm down and snuggle unto my chest. As I walk into her bedroom and place her on her bed, I pull the covers over her body and take a look around her room, I see pictures covering her wall most of her her friends and family. I kiss her forehead and whisper "I love you" before exciting the room.


Thank you so much for reading!!!!! I'm looking for a new character in my story ;) if you want me to base it off you comment things like: name, age, what you look like, personality eg. Favourite colour favourite member of 1D.....anyway things like that 😁 cool and shout out to 'love-youlove-me' this chapter was for you :* x new chapter or????

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