My one and only (zayn)

Jayden Stella (Selena Gomez) is a fun, talented loveable 15 year old girl, what happens when she moves to England to stay with her uncle who just so happens to be Simon Cowell and meets one direction and catches the eye of the one and only Zayn Malik ? Read to find out!!!

A/n: ok guys, I wrote the same story on another account that goes by (ThAt*CoOl*ChIcK) but I logged out and couldn't get back on it :P *sigh* so know I didn't steal this story, it is completely original all my idea ;) thanks and enjoy <3


2. chapter 2 :)

Jayden's POV:

I wake up to the sound of someone knocking on the door, I look around confused as to were I was then I remember I'm at my uncles house in England, I'm so glad I ended up coming but I'm a little worried I'll get bored because not that I'm complaining but my uncle does work a lot!! And I'll have no friends or anyone to hang out with? Another knock interrupts my thoughts "come In" I crock out, the door opens to revel my uncle si, "hello sweetheart did I wake you ? ", no not at all" I reply yawning, he just chuckled seeing right through my lie "we'll be dressed in something nice in about an hour and a half, we're having special dinner guests" he says smoothly. "Oh really who ?" . "Never you mind missy" he says and kisses my head and leaves.

I pull myself out of bed and into the bathroom in my room I wash myself with the coconut body wash and make sure I shave my legs, then i wash my hair with strawberry shampoo and conditioner, after I'm finished I get out and wrap the towel around me I walk into the walk in closet and pick a pink and white casual flower dress that goes to my knees I also pick some white sandals to go with it: I straighten my long dark brown hair that goes just above my but and clip my fringe back with a white bow, I apply some natural makeup with some pink lip gloss. I check in the mirror to make sure I look alright when I'm satisfied I make my way down stairs.

Zayns POV:

We pull up to our manger Simons house, he invited me and the boys to dinner. Harry walked up and knocked on the door, a short while after it opens revealing Simon, "boys I'm glad you could make it" he says with a huge grin on his face "come in, come in ". So we all enter and make our way to the dining room. Niall starts to make a convocation "so Simon I met your niece earlier on today, the one you wouldn't stop talking about-" " you did ?!" Liam interrupts "when? " asks Louis "was she hot?!" Said Harry, "hey that's my niece your talking about!" Simons deep voice silents them although you could tell he wasn't really angry, I just stayed silent amused by all around me, " sorry Mr C" Harry says while smirking. " it's alright oh and that reminds me" Simon stops and takes a sip of water "yeah Simon ?" Asks Liam , "I was wondering if you boys would show Jayden around England, you see she doesn't know anyone and I won't be able to due to work an-", "sure we'd be happy to" Niall interrupts "yah we'll show her a good time" says Louis "that sounds great" Liam said " are you boys ok with it to ?" Simon asks looking at me and Harry, "of course" Harry replies almost immediately "sure might be fun" I said with that we all broke into small talk together.

"Ahh Jayden" Simon broke the chatter, and there standing in the hall was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life!! I could not take me eyes off of her! You know in the movies and books were they say stuff about love at first sight, well I think this was it. She looked around the room making eye contact with me for a second probably feeling uncomfortable with all eyes on her. " come in sweetheart I want you to meet some people" Simons voice broke me from my thoughts. We all stood up "this is Liam", "hi" she said shaking his hand "this is Louis" she gave him a smile and shook his hand "Harry", "hello" she smiled and shook his hand, "and I believe you've already met Niall", she blushes and says " hello again, sorry about earlier I'm such a cluts" *giggles* "no I've told you it was all my fault beautiful" and they have a moment of laughter. Wait!! Who said he could call her beautiful!!! I sent Niall a glare not that he was looking to notice, he was to busy being flirty with Jayden!

Liam's POV:

Wow Jayden was so beautiful! Not in that way from what I've seen I only like her as a sister probably same with Lou, and I'm pretty sure Harry is like that with every girl and I'm not to sure about Niall he's being all friendly and laughing about what happened earlier I think ? As for Zayn his facial expression says it all he looks like he's about to attack Niall!! Wow I've never seen him get this mad at anyone in the band before! It's like he's in love with this girl or something?! "OMG" I accidentally yell out causing the whole room to fall silent and look at me " uh uh omg I'm thirsty" I cover up. " Simon just shrugs and says "last but not least Zayn" she quickly nods A goodbye to Niall and he gives her a peak on the check, well this caused Zayn to clench his fist so hard his knuckles went white, he released as soon as Jayden looked at him his face went soft and he had a warm smile. " hey it's nice to meet you Jayden " he said and kissed her hand Niall looked hurt, she blushed and said " it's nice to meet you to" she looked around the room and said " and please call me jay :)" Zayn looked hurt that she broke eye contact with him and everyone sat down.

Simon and Harry were in deep convocation about something to do with the band, Zayn was in the bathroom (probably in his thoughts) Louis was on the phone texting and Niall was busy eating, so I started making convocation with Jayden. "Hey jay, how's it going ?". " it's going great thanks, how it going for you?", " perfect" and that's how it started our very long convocation about everything and anything we excluded everyone it seemed like it was just us, by the end of the night we were best friends and already had each others numbers in our phones, throughout the night Zayn kept glaring at me and looking longingly at jay though she was to busy laughing to realise any of it. I'll just have to sort it out later I thought. "Well guys I'm sorry but I have to get back to work, but thank you for coming" Simon said quickly and with that he left. Louis broke the silents "we should probably get going as well". "Awww!" Me and jay said at the same time which caused us to crack up laughing, "Zayn cleared his throat" so we stopped and there was an awkward silents until Jayden broke it " should we meet up tomorrow ?" We all said yeah and I said I would text her tomorrow sometime, then we said our goodbyes Harry and Lou gave her a hug, I gave her a hug and a peck on the check , Niall have her a kiss on both checks which made Zayns face go all hard and angry, Zayn went up and kissed her hand quick and soft. We got in the car and drove back to our apartment, when we got inside I followed Zayn to his room. "Mate I need to talk to you", "Sure what about?." Zayn said coldly, wow I guess he's still mad...."well I'm just gonna come out with it"..."errr umm YOUR IN LOVE WITH JAY!!!" I blurted out fast. "Whaaat? No I only just meet her" I could tell he was lying "come on mate you can tell me anything you know" tbh I was kind of offended when Zayn lied to me, we don't keep anything from each other " "ok, I guess I am in love with her I mean I know it sounds crazy and all but it was love at first sight", "wow I knew it" was all I could say "yeah, and I couldn't help it you know when you guys were being all buddy buddy with each other I just felt so jealous and protective you know", I paused "yeah mate I get it, but I promise you me and jay are just friends", "ok-" he started "but what about Niall ? I mean does he only see her as a friends or more ?" I really don't know the answer to this question, I mean Niall could of just been a brother type to her it maybe even more ? "I don't know mate, but I'll find out. Now get some sleep and try not to think of her to much" I joked "hahah I'll try, I'll try".

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