My one and only (zayn)

Jayden Stella (Selena Gomez) is a fun, talented loveable 15 year old girl, what happens when she moves to England to stay with her uncle who just so happens to be Simon Cowell and meets one direction and catches the eye of the one and only Zayn Malik ? Read to find out!!!

A/n: ok guys, I wrote the same story on another account that goes by (ThAt*CoOl*ChIcK) but I logged out and couldn't get back on it :P *sigh* so know I didn't steal this story, it is completely original all my idea ;) thanks and enjoy <3


1. chapter 1 :)

Hiya :D my name is Jayden Stella !!! ( but everyone calls me jay or jayjay) I'm 15 years old :) I grew up in L.A, America with my two amazing parents!!!! Recently they decided I needed a change, so their shipping me off to Bradford, England to live with my uncle Simon Cowell. (Yes the famous one, but it's no big deal!!) you see uncle si is my dads brother, I bet your wondering why I have a different name right? Well I go by my mums maiden name 'Stella', that's because I don't want people asking questions you see I'm not one to brag about my famous uncle, to me he's just uncle si :)

Jayden's POV :

I wake up with blocked ears and a sore back. Great. Beside me is some stuck up lady who was complaining the whole time about how airplanes aren't safe but her son is making her come visit him or something, I just tuned out after a while. The seatbelt signs come on indicating were about to land, so I buckle up and patently wait.

*skipping landing*

I walk out of the airport suitcase in hand to where people were greeted by family and friends. I look around for my uncle but he is nowhere to be seen? Someone taps on my shoulder "excuse me are you Jayden Stella ?" Some tall muscular guy in black asks. "Err yeah? Who are you?" I ask confused. "Im Mr Cowells body guard and driver Dave" he replies. "Mr Cowell sent me to pick you up as he was busy in a meeting". "Oh ok" I replied disappointedly as we made our way to the car. Dave put my suitcase in the boot as I hopped in the car, after awhile of driving Dave speaks "you know your uncle is a busy man". "Huh ?" . " I'm just saying as you seemed disappointed when I told you he couldn't pick you up." . " oh right well that's ok I guess I get it" . The rest of the ride was silent until we pulled up in front of this amazing house, or should I say mansion!!!! It was beautiful " wow!!" I said as I got out of the car. " hahaha Mr C said you'd like it" Dave said as he handed me my case. "I'm sorry but I have to be going, your uncle will be inside he should be finished his meeting by now, it was nice meeting you Jayden". "Thank you" I replied, "and please call me jay " I said as I waked towards the amazing place, I slowly opened the door and set my case to the side as I waked in, I looked up and around the high ceilings. Not really watching were I was going I bumped into someone causing us both to fall on the ground. "Omg I'm So sorry" I say quickly as I meet a pair of stunning blue eyes, "no, no it was all my fault "the boy with blonde hair said with an Irish accent. " I'm Niall by the way" he said extending his hand, "jay" I say shaking it. "Oh so your the famous jayjay we've been hearing about". " excuse me ?" I asked a little confused, " Simon told us all about you, he was so excited about you coming he wouldn't stop saying how wonderful you are the whole meeting!". " Hahahah" I reply " sorry about that ". "No it's fine, I was wondering when I was gonna meet his and I quote 'beautiful little princess'" he says while a cheeky little grin appears on his face. I look down and blushed while giggling, "well I have to be going, my friends are waiting for me in the car". "Oh ok nice meeting you Niall" I say "nice meeting you too love " he says while walking to the door, he stops when he reaches it. " by the way your uncle wasn't wrong you are very beautiful" he says then with a pause he quickly adds "jayjay" with a wink and with that he was gone. Before I could even react with thoughts I was startled by someone yelling my name, followed by footsteps. "IS THAT MY LITTLE JAYJAY I HEAR?! " uncle Simon yells while jogging down the stairs. " NOPE ITS YOUR NOW GROWEN-UP JAYJAY YOU HEAR" he stops at the bottom stairs and looks at me bewildered. " oh I'm sorry I'm looking for a ten year old who only used to come to waist?" He says jokingly, I only laugh and run and jump in his arms. He spins me around and sets me down again, " wow you look so grown up?! You reach my eye level now and your hair!!! It's so long it goes all the way down your back! When I last saw you it was in a cute little bob". " oh gosh don't remind me uncle si!!!" I say while laughing.

Simons POV:

I couldn't believe it when I saw Jayden!!!! She looks so grown up!! She has long dark brown hair just like her father but sea green eyes just like her mother, I hate to admit it but my little girl is growing up. We talk for hours just catching up, she tells me about school and how she's glad she doesn't have to go back for awhile since it's school holidays, she also tells me about her parents beginning to argue recently so I tell her it's all gonna be ok. Suddenly I look at the time and realise I've got to get some work done so I tell her were her room is, apologise and walk to my office. I feel bad about having to work when she just got here but here, but I think my surprise later on will make up for it, you see she doesn't know anyone here so I've invited one of my bands that I've signed with 'one direction' to dinner tonight (but jay doesn't know) I'm going to ask them to show her around England while I work. I'm sure she'll be shy at first but might actually make friends with the boys. ;)

Jayden's POV:

Right all the way up the stairs first room to the right, wait I think that's what he said ? Well let's hope cause I don't want to disturb him while he's working. Sure enough when I got upstairs there was a sign on the door with my name printed in purple ( my favourite colour!! He remembered)

I open the door to a huge room, in the middle is a big bed, in the corner is a guitar, a keyboard and a microphone. I have a look in the closet, wow!! Inside was all new clothes! Hanging on a hanger was a note from uncle si:

'hope you like your room, and I thought you might need some new clothes ;) ~Simon

Tired from jet lag I fall asleep on the comfy bed with a smile on my face.


Hope you like it!!!! More to come, I'm Hope you like it!!!! More to come, I'm updating regularly so favourite it!! Love you xxxxx

Comment for next chapter, it is already pre written so as soon as I see a comment I will post <3

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