This cover doesn't look of one that's rated R ��. ����

This is Rated Red because a few of my preferences are a bit violent. None the less they're clean besides like 5.

A Book. A preference book. A 5SOS preference book, duh. �� The title says it all.


22. Knocked up with out you

He Cheats with Your Best Friend and Gets Her Pregnant

{A/N} Yo, How's it going? That's fantastic. I'm having a really bad allergy attack and I sound like I have lisp because I'm all stuffed up and etc.

Well, since I've been updating daily for the past 3 days (so proud) I decided why not? updating is fun.

This is pretty basic with a twist (twist๐Ÿ˜‚ i don't think there is one.)

So let's get in the imaginative era. They've just cheated on you and he got her pregnant. Idk why but I'm thinking of Maury. I LOVE MAURY.


Y/B/F/N: Your best friend's name


"Where do you want to go next?" I ask as Y/B/F/N and I wander around the outlets. "Didn't you say you wanted to get a new bikini for tanning season?"

"Uh, yeah," she says, turning her gaze to a shop window.

"Are you alright?" I ask with concern. "You love shopping and you haven't been in the best mood today," I say in a tone that indicates kindness.

"I'm fine,"is all she says.

"Fine? One, that is the top most-told lie, and two, I can tell that you're not fine. Why won't you just tell me?" I ask confused.

"I said I'm fine! Can we please just go?" she snaps, then rubs her temples.

"Okay," I mumble. It must be someone's time of the month.( ugh, stupid stereotypes.)

Once we get to her apartment, she goes into the kitchen and opens the fridge grabbing some celery and peanut butter, using the celery as a spoon to scoop the peanut butter into her mouth. I grab my new mascara and toss the rest of my bags on the couch making sure nothing falls out because Y/B/F/N is a massive neat freak, before heading to the bathroom.

While I'm standing at the sink, I open the box to my new mascara bottle and then put some on. I toss the box into the trash can and do a double take when I get a glimpse of something else in the trash bin. I lean closer to see if what I saw was correct and it is. It's a pregnancy test, and it's positive.

I leave the bathroom and walk into the kitchen to see Y/B/F/N now eating a bowl of cereal, with a scowl on her face. Now I know why she's in such a bad mood. And why she's shoveling peanut butter and cereal down her throat like she's an animal.

"Y/B/F/N!" I exclaim, standing in front of her at the counter. "Why didn't you just tell me? I can't believe you're pregnant!" I say and her eyes widen. Almost immediately, she bursts into tears. " Y/B/F/N why are you crying? Is it because you have to raise the baby alone? It's okay, I'll help you the whole time. You'll find a father soon. By the way, who is the father?" I ask, holding her while she cries onto my shoulder.

"Y/N, there's something I need to tell you," she manages between breathes.

"Okay," I say, growing concerned.

"I've only slept with one guy in the past three months," she says between sobs.

"What's wrong with that?" I ask.

"The guy...was Michael," she cries even harder.

My arms drop to my sides.

There's no way. It can't be My Michael. Michael wouldn't drop that low.

"Michael? As in, my boyfriend, Michael?" I ask, trying to stay calm.

"Yes," she says, looking up at me with teary eyes. "I swear it was not intended. We were hanging out waiting for you and he was talking to me and one thing led to another. Y/N, I am so sorry," she whispers the last part.

"Sorry!" I say, my voice rising. "Sorry will never make up for what you did! Don't ever talk to me again," I shout, grabbing my bags and walking out the front door.

"Y/N! Wait!" she calls, but it's too late. I'm already out the door.

I open the door to our apartment, praying that Michael is here. Because I'm leaving right now, and I have a word or two I would like to say to him. I'm in luck. He is here. But so is Ashton.

"Hey Y/N," Ashton greets, but I ignore him. They're both on the couch, playing a video game. I stand in front of them and shut the T.V. off.

"Babe what's wrong?" Michael asks, standing up.

"Don't even ask me that question Michael Clifford. What's wrong? I found a pregnancy test, and it was positive," I say.

"That's a good thing! We're going to have a baby," he says, but confusion is evident in his eyes.

"No. We are not going to have a baby. You are. So is Y/B/F/N. The two of you are going to have a baby!" I say emphatically before continuing"I can only pray that baby isn't as big of a jerk as it's parents.

Ashton looks between the two of us, confused. "Wait, Michael slept with Y/B/F/N?" he asks.

"Yes Ashton," I say, tears finally coming to my eyes.

"Y/N...it was an accident. We didn't mean to-" he says but I cut him off.

"You didn't mean to?" I laugh bitterly. "You were both sober and alone and it happened. But you did mean for it to happen. Goodbye, Ashton, and Michael, fuck you," I say, going to pack all my stuff.

"Babe, wait," he says, trying to stop me.

"Don't! Don't, touch me," I say through gritted teeth. He backs off, and I pack all my clothes, pictures, and other stuff. But I smash the pictures of Michael and I on the floor. I push past him through the door and leave, not once looking back.


"Y/N, I'm pregnant!" Y/B/F/N blurted out. My mouth dropped, then I smiled.

"Oh my Gosh that's great!" I say, happily. " I can help you raise it and I can be an aunt and, I'm so excited. It will be like the baby has 3 parents, you me and the father." You didn't necessarily enjoy babies because they cry and bug and you weren't the best of friends with them, but you'd make an exception for you friend. That is if the baby wasn't annoying.

" Who's the father anyways."I ask, and the color drains from her face.

"I need to tell you something," her expression grows grave.

"What is it?" I ask, growing worried.

"I slept with the father about a week ago. And that guy was, was, C-Calum," she says and starts to sob.

"Calum? You're joking, right?" I ask, standing up.

"N-no. We were drunk and we weren't thinking clearly. Y/N, I swear, it was an accident. We would never do that to you," she says through tears.

"Well, you did," I say. I'm still having trouble digesting this piece of information. A few silent moments pass before it all kicks in. "You bitch! How could you do that? It can't be Calum's anyways! A week is too soon!" I scream at her. I'm struggling to find the right words to use right now. "Calum is my fucking boyfriend! You slept with him!? I never want to see you again, so don't bother trying to apologize," I spit.

I leave her house, driving to Calum's in a rage. Thousands of thoughts are whirling around my head right now. Y/B/F/N and Calum slept together? My best friend and my boyfriend. Unfuckingbelievable.

I knock on the door rapidly and stand there, anger building. The door swings open and Luke is standing there. "Oh hey Y/N-are you okay?" he asks and I push past him.

"Calum Hood!" I scream and he runs over. I'm standing in the doorway, so I can leave after I yell at him.

"Y/N, what's wrong babe?" he asks.

"Oh nothing. I was having the best day. Aside from the fact that I found out that my boyfriend slept with my best friend," I say with twisted smile.

"I didn't mean for that to happen, I swear. We drank too much and it was a mistake. I love you Y/N, not Y/B/F/N," he says, trying to hug me.

"Oh, That's not it. There's more good news," I smiled. " You got her pregnant!" I shout, pushing him off of me.

"W-what?" he asks, looking caught off guard.

"So have fun spending the rest of your life with that slut Y/B/F/N and your stupid baby because you're certainly not spending it with me," I say and turn around, leaving a bewildered Luke and crying Calum behind.

I was at the edge of the house and when luke caught up with me.

"Y/N, umm, when did Calum...umm you know with Y/B/F/N?"

I stared at luke giving him a are-you-serious- look before rolling my eyes and reply

"About a week ago I guess."

He stands there for a bit before saying

"So you guys are done?"

"Yeah." You say.

"Would you want to..maybe.. If you want?"

"Luke, umm..sure?" You said more like asked.

"You don't have to. When ever you're ready." He said before leaving you.


"Here, try these. These jeans would look so good on you," I say, tossing a pair of jeans at Y/B/F/N.

"I don't know..." she says, doubtfully.

"Come on, you'll look so good in them. Besides, I don't really wear them anymore," I try to persuade her.

"Fine," she grumbles, and starts to pull them on. She wriggles into them, and then tries to button them. But she can't get the button to go through the little slit.

"Y/N, they don't fit," she says, her voice sounding thick with tears.

"Babe, you don't need to cry over a pair of jeans," I say. "Just try another pair," when I tell her this, the tears start streaming down her face. "There's no need to cry it's just an old pair of I say while getting up to sit on the floor.

"Y/N. That's not why. I...I'm pregnant," she says.

"Isn't that supposed to be a good thing?" I say while getting up to hug her.

"NO! It's not!"

"And why not?"

"Because...Luke is the father," she says, and completely loses it.

I let her go and take a step back. "Luke...Luke?" I ask, praying she's not talking about my Luke.

"Yes," she sobs. "But it wasn't-"

"You had sex with my boyfriend?" I shriek, starting to cry as well.

"Y/N it-" she says but I continue screaming at her.

"You are a slut! I don't ever want to see you again, and I'm going to pay Luke a visit today and tell him that I never want to see him again, either. So I hope you two end up together, because you're both filthy lowlifes who deserve each other," I say and storm out of the apartment. I drive to Luke's house but he isn't there so I drive to the studio.

"Luke," I say, storming into the small area. I see him recording but ignore the other boy's protests as I open the door.

"Y/N," he says, pulling the headphones off. "Why are you crying?"

"Well, Y/B/F/N was trying on some jeans and they didn't fit her, so she started crying. Then she tells me that she's pregnant," I say, letting it sink in.

His face pales, and I know that he knows exactly what I'm talking about. "She's pregnant, Luke. To top things off, she tells me that you're the father."

"Y/N," he begins.

"No, Luke. You're a backstabber, no that was literally a stab in the face and to top things up it was with my supposed bestfriend. I never want to see your face again, I hope yours and Y/B/F/N's little family works out," I say, tears pouring out. "Don't try to apologize, either."

"Y/N, what's wrong?" Calum asks with concern as I walk out.

"Why don't you ask Y/B/F/N or Luke since they're having a baby together," I say, stopping for a moment to see his reaction.

Calum is speechless, as well as Michael and Ashton.

"That's a new low on you luke" Michael mutters.

"Yeah. It is," I say. "It was great to know you guys," I say and try to plaster on a smile, but it immediately drops.

I leave them, and the love of my life, on the second floor of the Capitol Records building and get in my car and drive away, to start a new life, a new life without Luke or that slut Y/B/F/N or with anyone who's going to betray me in such a way. I understand being a unhappy, what I don't understand is what it comes to to be a cheater.


"This is a great party babe," I say loudly to Ashton over the music.

"Isn't it fun?" he grins.

"Yeah. I'm going to find Y/B/F/N, she's been gone for a while now," I say and leave him to go find my best friend. She said she was going to the bathroom but I haven't seen her in a good twenty minutes.

I find her in the bathroom, the door slightly open. I push the door open and find her hunched over the toilet. "Ew, Y/B/F/N are you okay?" I ask, and I'm answered to by the sound of her throwing up.

A minute later, she sits up. "I'm fine," she says hoarsely.

I fish through the contents of the cabinets until I find a bottle of mouth wash. "Here," I say, twisting the cap off.

She swigs some and spits it back out. "Are you sick? Umm..do you want yo go home? I ask a little grossed out.

"No, I'm fine," she says.

"Alright. I'll just let you have a minute to umm, freshen up," I say and turn to leave.

"Y/N, wait," she croaks. I turn her around.

"Yes?" I ask raising an eyebrow.

"I'm pregnant," she says.

My eyes widen with excitement. "Oh my gosh! Wow. That's great."

"I don't think the father wants to be apart of the baby's life." She says staring at the ground.

"That's low, why wouldn't he?"

"He has a girlfriend..,"

"That's a new low for you, no offense, but did you know he had a girlfriend?"

"Yes. Sorta, I was umm...I forgot."

"Well, does she not want her cheater of a boyfriend to not take responsibility of his actions and father the child?" I ask

"She won't when she finds out." She said a tear falling off her cheek.

"Y/B/F/N, I'm sorry, I know you made a mistake that some people think is unforgivable but you know what? Fuck her if she thinks that baby doesn't deserve it's father. It's not it's fault. It takes two." I said.

I wasn't too crazy about cheaters and Infact, I hate them, but Y/B/F/N needed support right now.

"So, if you don't mind me asking, who is the father?"

"Y/N. The father is Ashton," she says and looks down at the floor,again.

"Ashton?" I ask with disbelief.

"Yes but-" she says.

"You whore," I whisper fiercely, and look at her stomach. Ashton is the father of her baby? " HERE I WAS DEFENDING YOU AND..I can't-bye, Y/B/F/N," I say and turn around, slamming the door. I'm met by Ashton, who's passing by.

"Y/N, is Y/B/F/N okay?" he asks, lightly grabbing my arm.

"Of course you would care. She's fine, but I'm not, considering I just found out you two had sex!" I scream, and slap his hand away. His eyes grow wide.

"Y/N wait please it was-"

"Stop! I Don't want to here how it was a mistake," I say, breaking down into tears. "Just leave me alone," I say in a quiet voice and turn, leaving him there.

Hoping he crys.


And I roll and I roll till I'm out of luck.

-fireproof, one direction, specifically harry. (I know Louis says it too but whatevs)

Anyways, part 2 isn't going to happen. I mean it could, but that would be weird, This preference book is about you, not your bestfriend, unless you want to know what happens to them and ect. Ect.

I'm still sick and I have a concert tonight and oh, I have an audition In a few days. I'm freaking out๐Ÿ˜

Wish me good luck.

Black souls might be updated on Saturday and most likely it will be Michael's pov.

QOTC:Should the boys be at the same asylum?



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