This cover doesn't look of one that's rated R ��. ����

This is Rated Red because a few of my preferences are a bit violent. None the less they're clean besides like 5.

A Book. A preference book. A 5SOS preference book, duh. �� The title says it all.


14. His New Girlfriend

His new gf


His new gf


You and Ashton had broken up about 4 months ago. He wasn't happy in the relationship anymore. You were devastated, but you played it cool and went along. He hadn't texted, called, or Even try to get in contact with you. It was clear you didn't mean everything you thought you did. Your bestfriend had called and set you up with her boyfriends bestfriend. It didn't sound appealing,but you'd manage for the night. After you had gotten ready you headed downstairs to grab your phone to see you had a twitter notification. To make things 1000000000000 times better it was from Ashton.

@Ashton5SOS: Missing my babygirly

:( I'm back for you baby.

Ashton had called you his babygirly. It was stupid,but you loved it. You felt your heart regain it's strength as you called your bestfriend and told her you had to cancel.

You were going to text Ashton and tell him how you missed him and were ready to be official again, but that sounded easy. So you decided to wait until he either called or showed up.

Neither of Which happened.

You probably waited for 3 hours straight on your couch waiting for any sign of him. He must have forgot or he wasn't talking about you. About a hour later your phone vibrated indicating you had another notification, again from Ashton.

@Ashton5SOS: Had the best day EVER with @KendallJenner, love you baby girl. 😘😍

You again felt your heart fall into your stomach and brake into a million pieces.

Michael :

Michael had called you last night, checking up on you again. He was still the sweet boy you had fallen in love with, but just as you had fallen in love he had fallen right out of it and in it with someone else. He had already moved on and was now dating Mizzie Rae, a rich girl from your old prep school . Your parents wanted the best education for you possible and had spent all the money they had on it. Mizzie was now a popular and successful model. It was obvious she had starved her self to get her body the way it is. He didn't know about you knowing Mizzie , so you didn't hate him for dating her. Mizzie, she obviously knew you. She had bullied you all the through your school years. She was the meanest, fakest, ugliest bitch on earth. She just so happened to end up with Michael. Who knows how and who cares why. He didn't love you anyway, there was no reason to care.


YOUR EXBESTFRIEND. THAT BITCH. SHE TOOK YOUR MAN. Calum had left you for her. Bitch. Bitch. STUPID FAKE BITCH. You hated her. You had given everything to calum. He used you. He took everything and after he did he was bored. Bored enough to hurt you in the worst way possible. They both were the most evil people on earth, but you couldn't lie to yourself. You did miss them. You missed having

The two people you loved most around. Calum took her everywhere. they posted everything on twitter

Or instagram. Every trip, restaurant, kiss. It ate at you that you weren't good enough. For calum. For(YBF/N).

The biggest mistake of it all, was turning down Michael, he had liked you first, and you had liked him, but you thought Calum was just, perfect. You wanted something that you should had never had, and you got the beating from it.


Luke had broken up with you because he said that you couldn't trust him. He doesn't live your life. He doesn't walk in your shoes. He was just making excuses, you didn't have to read between the lines to see it. You knew he had been texting a fan. She even twitted a picture of their convos and captioned it "love to annoy him"

You didn't know about him, but it sure as hell annoyed you. She obviously didn't understand luke was with you. WAS. As in no more. Luke still texted you every so often. Like 3 times a month just asking how your day was.

After going 3 months barely eating and losing 15 pounds making you only 113

Pounds, you were ecstatic, you went out to but yourself a new wardrobe, because who wouldn't? You decided on Forever 21 because you really weren't in the mood to go all over the place. After picking a few crop tops, shorts, and a few dresses you went up to the cash register to pay when you saw a pretty handsome looking guy. You could only see his back, but he has wide shoulders, long legs, and a BEANIE. You had a weird beanie fetish. He was asking the clerk(idek what to call the person...) something about a white crop top.

He stood there asking questions for what seemed like forever when he finally turned around ready to leave, while adjusting his beanie. (BEANIES:))

It took you a while, but you realized it was luke. He must have not noticed you because he walked right up to (we'll just call her twitter girl) twitter girl and they continued their quest on finding whatever they were looking for.

HEARTBREAKING pain filled your insides as you paid and left, hoping to never see luke again to spare yourself the sorrow.



I had this flash back to the

Kendall and Ashton thing, which is apparently starting up again, and hey, when doesn't Kendall Jenner make her way into something? She ALWAYS does.

Luke's is also based on that one chick he met who I guess he's befriended.


Oh, did I mention I really didn't like this? I didn't edit this because I just didn't. Laziness.


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