This cover doesn't look of one that's rated R ��. ����

This is Rated Red because a few of my preferences are a bit violent. None the less they're clean besides like 5.

A Book. A preference book. A 5SOS preference book, duh. �� The title says it all.


11. His first impression of you

His first impression of you


Ashton thought you were crazy when he first noticed you in the past 5 years of you liking him. You would scream and you'd be really mean. You weren't honestly irritating, you just thought he'd like you if you were like that. You were wrong. He did end up talking to you later on in the night, to ask you about your best friend, or should you say ex- bestfriend She knew you liked Ashton and she still went ahead and dated him. Bitch.


"She never smiles." He'd tell his friends. He thought you were a sour puss and he wasn't into it. One day you gained the courage to talk to him. You asked him about his favorites and you actually hit it off. Exchanging phone numbers and promising to meet Monday after class.


You were the type of girl known to get into fights or be sent to the office. YES THE TERRIBLE OFFICE. You were the highschool bad girl and it sort of have you a guy Appeal. Michael thought you needed to be a little more like a girl and wear pink and stop smoking cigarettes. But that just wasn't you, and besides you couldn't care less about what a boy that could keep a hair color longer than a month thinks.


You were the popular chick. You were really nice about it though. You always got "A's" on every project and you liked P.E. too. Usually you hate P.E., but you had a crush on Calum Hood, the school hottie. You wished he'd notice you, but you weren't eye candy you supposed. He never talked to you, He probably thought you were ugly or boring. Little did you know he was too shy to talk to you.

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