This cover doesn't look of one that's rated R ��. ����

This is Rated Red because a few of my preferences are a bit violent. None the less they're clean besides like 5.

A Book. A preference book. A 5SOS preference book, duh. �� The title says it all.


21. Drunk.

New line up. It's Michael, Calum, Luke then Ashton. Yeah.



"Just one," he says after he orders a glass of alcohol. I give him the look that says we-both-know-you're-gonna-have-more-than-one but he pretends not to notice. "Are you sure you don't want one babe? I swear it feels like unicorns are having a party inside me." he giggles.

I shake my head. "You know I don't like drinking," I say to him. Actually, I do like drinking, I just don't like the aftermath of it all. Throwing up, feeling sick and tired and having a headache. I don't think it's worth it. Also, I don't want to do any dumb stuff like cheating or getting in a fight or...I don't even know.

"Come on Y/N," Michael pleads. "I don't want to drink alone.The unicorns don't like being lonely "He pouted.

"Sorry Mikey," I say. "It's not worth it."

"Fine, the unicorns and I don't need you," he sighs in defeat as the bartender comes back with his glass. It's a short glass, but that means the fluid inside of the glass is really strong. He picks up the glass and looks at me once before bringing the glass to his lips.

After I come back from the bathroom, there's several glasses on the table that Michael was sitting at. I look around to see if I can find him. God I hope he hasn't found some random girl to dance with. I spot him on the dance floor, by himself, thankfully. I push past all the sweaty, intoxicated people to get to him.

"Michael!" I shout over the booming beat of the music. "How many drinks have you had?"

"Eleventy-eight," he slurs and laughs."Does that mean eleventy-eight

Unicorns are turning up in me?" He asks before bursting out laughing again.

The song changes and Michael perks up. "I love this song!" he exclaims, but I know he's never heard this song. It's a Skrillex song, and Michael hates Skrillex. I watch as he starts doing the most bizarre dance ever. It's like a mix between the chicken dance and the Macarena. What the...? It's initially shocking at first but then I start laughing.

He's not joking around, he's actually doing this because he's drunk. I pull out my phone and start filming. He's going to regret having more than one drink when he sees this is all over Keek and Instagram tomorrow.


I'm pulled out of my slumber when I hear the pounding on my door. Half-asleep, I roll out of bed and walk to the door. I glance through the peephole for a few seconds before recognizing Calum. I open the door.

"Calum, what are you doing at this ungodly hour?" I groggily ask.

"Coming to see you! Silly Y/N. Do you have any cheese? I'm starving." he says as he pushes past me and walks right in. I'm still trying to wake up and process what's happening.

"Are you drunk?" I ask as he examines the wall, where there's nothing there, I might add.

"No! No no no," he laughs. "I just had one little drink. Or maybe three," he says.

"Do you need me to drive you home? Wait, how did you even get here?" I ask. He is way too buzzed to have driven here himself.

"Luke drove me here. I love luke, have you ever noticed he has a little black circle on his bottom lip? It's really nice looking. I think I might get one and then I can look nice too." he says.

"No, Calum seriously, Luke's piercing isn't nice looking on kiwi Scottish boys named Calum, and Why did he dump you at my place?" I ask, annoyed.

"I asked him to. Because I gathered the balls to tell you something," he says, now making his way to the T.V.

"Which is?" I ask, kind of excited that he's telling me something he wouldn't tell me when he wasn't drunk.

"Okay, okay. I love Y/N," he says and giggles.

My mouth drops. "Y/N?" I ask. "Why?"

"Because she's so pretty, nice and funny. And she has good-smelling hair," he adds. "But don't tell Y/N."

"I won't," I say and sit down to think this over. "So you like me," I say aloud, more to myself than to him. I guess it snaps him back to reality.

"Y/N? Oh shit, did I really say that or..." he looks frantic now.

"You really said that," I confirm. "But it's okay, because I like you too," I say and pull him in for the kiss I've been waiting so long for.


"Luke don't you think that's enough?" I ask my boyfriend, who downs another shot of whatever.

"Oh Y/N, there is no such thing as too much alcohol," Ashton giggles as he drinks another beer.

"Um, yeah there is. It's called alcohol poisoning," I inform him. He looks so shocked, he drops his glass, but thankfully it doesn't spill over.

"Guys! We don't want alcohol poison!" Calum exclaims and I slap my hand to my forehead.

"Just don't overdo it," I say. I look down at my empty glass. One-and-done is my motto when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

"Overdo it," Michael laughs. "Don't overdo it! Don't overdo your drink! How can One "overdo it"?he asks and all the boys laugh. I roll my eyes and Luke, who's sitting next to me, pulls me to him.

"Want to leave and go to another room?" he tries to whisper, but it's so loud the other boys hear. They all make whooping noises.

"Not right now Lucas." I say. "Not when you're drunk and acting like a douche."

"I'm not acting like nothing!" Luke squeals.

"That must suck," Calum says and they all laugh again. I lean back in my chair and sigh, watching them all.

"Anything. It's anything not nothing luke." You correct just to be ignored.

"Let's go swimming! It's so hot," Luke says and pulls his shirt off. The other boys jump up and they all race to the backyard. I follow behind and watch them. Once they reach the edge of the water, they start thinking it over.

"Isn't the water too cold?" Michael asks.

"Yeah. Bad idea," Ashton says, but Calum pushes him in. Ashton pops up from the water.

"Dude! That was soooooo awesome!" he slurs and then Calum dives in, followed by Luke and Michael.

Once they're in there for a minute though, they start to feel the effects of the cold. "We overdid the drinking! We overdid the drinking!" Ashton yelps.

"Y/N! Get us towels. Please," Luke says.

"Sorry," I say, turning to walk inside. "It's not my fault you overdid the drinking."


"Baaabe I'm home!" I hear Ashton call and then I hear the door slam behind him.

I stand up to greet him but recoil when I smell the alcohol fumes all over him. "What were you guys doing?" I ask, wrinkling my nose.

"We just had a couple drinks," he says.

"You mean two times twenty?" I ask. "Ash you reek. Go shower."

"But I wanted to hang out with you," he whines.

"Ok. But you aren't going to bed smelling like that," I say. I sit on the couch and he collapses next to me. He starts closely examining his hand.

"Hey Y/N do you think I could fit a dragonfly in my hand?" he asks, looking up at me.

"What? That didn't really make sense," I say, giving him a strange look. But then a brilliant idea strikes. I grab his phone and start filming.

"What are you doing?" he asks, squinting at the camera lens.

"Making a keek. You make them constantly, so why can't I?" I ask smugly. This is going to be so funny.

The keek consists of Ashton showing everyone our condo, explaining in great detail how a microwave works, and then trying to scale the wall. I decide that it's been long enough, and finish the keek with a shot of Ashton laying on the floor staring up at the ceiling.

"This is perfect," I smile and post it. I'm sure Ashton will love it. I mean, who doesn't love watching themself fall from the wall?


What time is it? It's time for lunch.

Bubble guppies is the best. You know it is even though you don't watch it. Heck, neither do I, but still.

I'm a liar. I said no updates till Saturday but since I'm taking care of business it's all good.

Nothing new except the fact i want to read a 1D preference book now. Should I do a 1D version of this book or nah?

It's really up to yous.

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