This cover doesn't look of one that's rated R ��. ����

This is Rated Red because a few of my preferences are a bit violent. None the less they're clean besides like 5.

A Book. A preference book. A 5SOS preference book, duh. �� The title says it all.


20. Another member likes you

The idea is unoriginal and you've probably read a preference like this. Well hey, This is a preference book. Let's Hop right In. I used Michael's and Ashton's from tumblr because someone had to do biology homework. Someone being me.

Another Band Member Likes You



Mikey stop!" I gasp as Michael continues to tickle my sides.

"Say it!" he says.

"Okay! Michael is still the best video gamer even though I beat him!" I yell.

He stops, satisfied. "Which will never happen again," he adds.

"Oh we'll see about that," I smirk.

He leans in and we kiss. When we pull away I notice Ashton in the doorway. "Oh sorry guys," he mumbles and then turns around before walking away.

"What's wrong with him?" I ask.

"I don't know," Michael shrugs. "Go ask him."

I head out the doorway and walk down the hall. I pause when I hear Calum and Ashton's voices.

"Cal it just plain sucks," Ashton is saying.

"I know Ash but she's with Mikey. He got to her first," Calum says. What? Are they talking about me?

"I know but it hurts to see her with him when I want to be with Y/N," Ashton says. Oh my....they are talking about me. Ashton likes me?

"Its okay Ash, you'll find someone else," Calum assures him.

"Maybe," Ashton mutters and I hear footsteps. I scramble back to the room Michael's in.

"So did he tell you?" Mike asks.

"Nope," I say quickly. "It doesn't matter he's fine now," I add. There is no way I am ever telling Michael what I just heard.


"So lads there's something I need to tell you," Calum says once Ashton, Michael, Luke and I are gathered around him.

"Y/N and I are now officially a couple!" he says and I smile, going to sit in his lap. Luke and Ashton cheer but Michael's smile fades. I pretend not to notice and kiss Calum.

Luke's P.O.V.

After Calum tells us that he and Y/N are a couple, Michael gets up and walks down the hallway. I get up and follow him, leaving Ashton to the now-making-out couple. "Mikey?" I call softly.

"Right here," I hear a sniffle.

"Michael why are you crying?" I ask, rushing over to him in the dark bedroom.

"Because. I like Y/N and Calum knew but he had to ask her out anyway," he says.

"Oh...that sucks," is all I say because I really don't know how to respond to that.

"I was going to ask her out soon. So Calum had to beat me to it," he says bitterly.

"Mikey you can find another girl," I tell him.

"Not one like Y/N!" he wails.

"I know. You'll find someone better who will actually be with you. It just wasn't meant to be mate," I tell him.

"I guess," he agrees. "As long as she's happy. But if Calum hurts her I sweat he will get it."

Luke: (Calum's P.O.V.)

"And Luke finally asked me out!" Y/N bubbles. My heart crushes and my smile drops. "Isn't that great?" I hear her ask.

"Yeah that's really great,'' I say. But it's not great. I like Y/N. I was going to ask her out.

"He's going to take me on a date and I'm just so excited," she gushes.

"I'm sure it will be fun," I say.

"Cal, aren't you happy for me?" she asks. "I've liked Luke forever and he finally asked me out." Well I've liked you forever and now my best friend is dating you. The world must be working against me. I've been friends with Y/N for years and I've liked her for most of them. I was there for her when she was heartbroken that Luke would be with another girl. Now its my turn to be heartbroken.

"Yeah I'm really happy Y/N," I tell her. "It really is wonderful."

"Well, got to go. I need to get ready since he's picking me up later," she says and stands up. We hug. "Bye Cal," she says and just like that she's gone. The love of my life, about to be with another man.

Ashton: (Ashton's P.O.V.)

As I walk back to where the lads are all sitting, I listen to what their saying. "Luke, this is really bad," Calum says.

"Yeah,'' Michael pipes in. "You have a crush on Ashton's girlfriend?" he asks. Whoa whoa whoa. Luke likes Y/N? That will not be happening on my watch.

"I can't help it. After I met her I tried to tell myself I didn't like her because she's with Ashton, but I just do," Luke sighs.

"Man, you better get over this little crush soon. Because Ashton will be pissed," Calum says.

"Damn right I will be," I say, stepping into their view. They all gasp and look at me. "I'm going to pretend like I didn't hear that. And you," I say, pointing to Luke. "will forget about this little crush on my girl and find your own."

"Okay Ash," Luke stammers.

I go back to my room and call Y/N. "Hello?" she answers.

"Y/N do you love me?" I blurt.

"Yeah of course I do. Why?" she asks.

"Just making sure," I say. "You're positive you don't like anyone else?" I ask again.

"Yes Ash," she laughs. "You're my one and only," she says and I smile.

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