Thoughts and feelings, two different things.

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2. "meaningless"

I don't need to hear what you have to say to me, save your meaningless breath for another girl to lie to.

I'm sure your lungs will want to breath out the pathetic words that come out of your poisonous mouth,

You think I will fall for your doomed words?

You forget about the lack of emotion in your sentences.

You don't fool me, you pitiless, heedless, vile creature.

You see you're just a little boy playing with hearts, and when you're bored you drop it.

It hits the ground hard, and shatters like glass and scatters across the floor like my heart is doing right now, it is bleeding out and my broken pieces are lost and scattered on the floor. I gradually find the pieces, but you see my scars are still there.

Tiny pieces are missing, but you see that doesn't mean a thing to you, my trust in others is missing, along with my dignity to ever be loved again. You shamed me, and embarrassed me.

You done the possible which I thought was the impossible, now I have lost hope.

You have never been there for me when I fail, so why should I let you be by my side when I am successful?

If this is a game, then I have lost. Congratulations on throwing all the precious diamonds only to create a cold stone, well done for creating something so pure and significant into something emotionless and untouchable.

You won, little boy.

I hope you like this one:D please like and favourite /.\ and comment your thoughts like improvements or compliments or stuff you want me to write about (:


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