Thoughts and feelings, two different things.

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3. "Everything"

I can't deny that I really miss him, but missing him is a part of moving on.

Whenever I think about him, i pick up my head, wipe my tears, sigh, and smile.

I remember when you was my everything. Now you are my nothing.

Ever since I've been without you, I feel no need to open the windows to listen to the chirps of young birds, or walk countless flower fields to go to our special place anymore. I feel no need to think about anything else but you, I feel no need to lie to myself. I need you.

My head has only thoughts of you, the way you would look down and laugh as we walk, the stars that shine in your deep chocolate eyes, the way how every time you saw me a grin slowly grew, how you would spray extra cologne because you knew how much I loved the smell, or the way your hands crept down to my waist and your fingers would mend every scar along the way, then you would look at my lips and straight back to my eyes, and lean in. The way how your kisses were so passionate that every time you would kiss me, it would still feel like my very first; it always will. The best feeling was when you would say you love me, 'I love you' you wouldn't say it often, you believed that the more you say special words, the less meaningful it becomes. It was better that way, it always sounded like music to my ears.

Pain is just a consequence of love, my head hurts from you but worst of all my heart is broken. Shattered.

You are the pieces, to my happiness.

You are the key, to my smile.

You are the lock, to my heart.

It's taken me a lot to say, you are my everything. It took me so long to say, and I guess you couldn't wait anymore.

You used to be the reason why I got out of bed, the reason why my 'dare to do' is now 'dare to do this WITH me?' The reason why my DON'Ts are now DOs, the reason why my 'I LOVE YOU's now have a meaning and a person behind it.

There are only 26 letters to express how I feel about you, and more importantly how I feel. I see everything in grey, I stay awake with weary eyes, I groan when I have to get out of bed, I only see but don't hear anything, I play blurry visions in my mind about you, I walk alone with the echoing sound of my footsteps dragging behind me, I wear long sleeves so I can still feel the warmth of something, touch and surround my hands, I look down all the time hoping that one day I'll laugh like you always used to do, but that doesn't happen. And neither will me constantly staring into emptiness bring the warmth of your breathe as you would hug me, and it won't happen if you aren't my everything. For one last time, I love you.

If I ever cross your mind, know that I'm always yours..

Hey guys (: remember that my poems are slam poetry based so it sounds better if you read it very loud with loads of compassion (: I'm going to do other poems other than love so yeah :D Thankyou for reading and pleaseeee favourite and comment and like! It means the world to me c:

This poem is dedicated to Garrett,

Who I no longer speak to.

Thankyou guys again!


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