zayns sister

i'm gabriblia saffa malik and i'm going on x factor because i love sing and dancing and my mom is going with me no one know's if i make it we are going to tell everybody if not i am not going to tell them


3. zayn comes home

                                 zayns prov...................... 

we were watching the x factor when out of no where my sister comes on  

stop guys this is my sister i yell 

it shows the interview and the lady asked about me 

and she said something that made me cry 

then it showed her walking on stage and the judges asking her questions then she started singing after singing they all said yes and yelled thank you while crying and running off stage

that was your sister harry said

yea i said  

why did we not know louis said

we just got in the group and did not want to talk about her i say 

wow we should go see her we just got off of tour liam said 

i don't know we have not spoken in 4 years or seen each other i said

i think it is time for a reunion niall said

yeah we should it's settled boys were going to bradford i yelled

                                     gabriela's prov...........

i was singing while doing the dishes wearing a pink crop top that said rad and skinny  jeans that are really tight 

i was singing so loud and not hear the door open 

wow sis you got a voice but why did you not tell me i would of went with you and mom to the x factor to support you zayn said making me turn around

zayn i yelled and tackled him into  hug

he was laughing 

i missed you to he said

shut up i said i looked up and saw the boys 

what about us do we get a hug bff louis said while the others chuckled

of course we will do introductions later i yelled and tackled the others into a tight hug 

ok we need to breath how strong are you liam said

oh you see i am really strong from boxing and fighting with people who  mess with me my family and friends so watch out i said 

you what you are going to get hurt you can not fight zayn said 

i can and will i fight mostly against boys i am just about to go to the gym after i change want to go and i will show you i said 

ok they all yelled

i ran upstairs and changed into a pink sports bra and black spandex 

lets go i yelled jumping into my mercedes  

wo they said the boy got in the back and zayn got infront 

how can you afford this zayned said 

illegal fighting against boys and girls i say strugging 

what they yell about how dangerous it is but i block them out 




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