zayns sister

i'm gabriblia saffa malik and i'm going on x factor because i love sing and dancing and my mom is going with me no one know's if i make it we are going to tell everybody if not i am not going to tell them


2. xfactor

                                 gabriela prov........... 

right now me and my mom are getting ready for x factor oh and one thing i forgot is i am 17 and zayn is 19 

i am wearing this 

 gabbie hurry up your late hurry up mom said 

ok i'm coming i said   

        in the car.................... 

mom can you put on the cd with me singing the song i'm singing today i said 

yes honey she said  

at the x factor.................. 

a interviewer came up to me and asked for a interview 

say your name age and what you are here to achieve the lady said 

i am 17 my name is gabriela saffa malik i am here to achieve my dream i was singing when i was 5 and i always sing around the house when my mom heard me and said i should try out like my brother so here i am  

what is your brothers name the lady said 

zayn malik he is the best big brother and he is kind of my idol i say 

how is he your idol she said 

he achieved his goal and sings his heart out for his fans and i want to be like that i say 

what are your other hobbies she said 

i play all kinds pf guitars and i play piano and my sports is dancing,volleyball,basketball,and cheerleading i say 

wow that is a lot you my friend is a busy girl well thank you for letting me interview you and don't be nervous 

she said 

thank you i say 

i walk back to the line when i get there it is my turn 

your number is 0002346 he said 

thanks i say  

                                               walking on stage............ 

i stand on the x as the crowd cheers 

hi kelly said 

hello i say 

hold on may i say you my friend are a natural beauty tulisa said  

the crowd awwed 

thank you are too i say 

you are so comfortable on stage louis said 

i am  i have never had stage fright i love the stage and i am not shy i speak my mind and i am not insercure  

i said 

well what is your name and age where do you come from and why are you here simon said 

my name is gabriela malik i am 17 from bradford 

i am going to steal this saying from niall ''to be the best artist i can be'' i say 

the crowd roared  

are you by any chance related to zayn malik louis said 

yes i am i say 

wow i guess all maliks are talented louis said 

go ahead and sing simon said 



i sang come back to me(by vanessa hudgens) 

wow i say yes tulisa said 

i say yes to louis said 

kelly turned to the crowd 

everybody remember this name gabriela malik and i say yes kelly said as she turned to face me i was crying 

i say ............................................yes 

thank you i screamed and ran off stage 

i ran and hugged my mom  

you did it babygirl she said 

thank you this is because of you you helped me i say crying 

your welcome honey



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