zayns sister

i'm gabriblia saffa malik and i'm going on x factor because i love sing and dancing and my mom is going with me no one know's if i make it we are going to tell everybody if not i am not going to tell them


4. gym

we just got to the gym and went inside 

hey gabbie rick said 

hey rick how you doing babe i say 

good rick said 

are you  guys dating zayn yelled 

no she calls everybody babe or baby even her opponents that reminds me you here to fight the illegal match he said 

yea baby bring it on baby i yelled 

and rapped my hands

gabbie everybody was chanting

 lets go this big buff guy yelled 

ok babe i said  

he punched me in my belly and i still stayed standing 

i punched him in the jaw and fell i got on top of him and punched him all over  but he threw me too the side of the ring and i layed there hurting he got on top of me and started too punch me rick called time out 

gabbie the boys yelled when they saw me all bloody 

you are never doing this again they said  

i am too shut the fuck up and sit down  

i got up limping to the mat  

ready babe i yelled  

yea bitch he said 

i punched him in the throat and punched him all over til he was more bloody than me but he punched me a few times to get me to bleed more 

i ended up winning  

the boys all ran over to me ro see if i was ok  

guys she is all right she  had a broken leg once and she played and was just as bloody as now rick said 

what are you crazy they yelled 

no mom was there and toke me home and told me to rest i said 

what she knew and she knows about this zayned said 

yea i was lonely when you left and my friends had bullies so i signed up and beat them til they were in the hospital and nobody messed with my loved ones and nobody talked to me they call me the '' badgirl'' 

what did you get suspended they asked 

no i got exspelled and i am in a different school but i already graduated so yea but everybody knows me all around town and i got arrested i said  

you went to jail are you crazy they said 

yes so don't mess with me i said 

lets go home zayn said


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