Ungodly Love (Prequel to Moving On)

Before Emily dated Tony Stark, she already had a 8 month relationship with a unexpected guy. Loki, brother of Thor, and the man who tried to destroy the earth.



"Emily! Emily!" the voice filled her ears, making her fling her eyes open to see Allison right in her face. "Personal space much?" Emily giggles. Allison smiles. She stands up and falls down into the couch. "So how was the trip?" Emily mumbled as she picked her cup of water up and took a sip from it. "Fine..."

"You know, the same old same old, eating street food, checking out hermit crabs, kissing Sebastian, talking to his grandma." Allison said quickly.

Emily didn't catch a word of it. "What? Please repeat and maybe umm ARTICULATE AND SPEAK SLOWER!" Allison giggled.

"I ate street food, talked to his grandma, looking at hermit crabs and yeah."

Allison smiled. Emily heard something other than what Allison said but she ignored it. "So how was your hospital time?" Allison crossed her legs and put her hands on her knees like a professional. "Riveting, and I thought I heard a very good conversation about me getting out of here around, maybe next week."

"Yes yes, and do you need a prescription to happy pills?" Allison said.

"What?" Emily was wondering what she was doing, Allison was wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt, she maybe was a psycho but not a psychiatrist.

"I am trying to act posh." She said in a british accent.

"Posh? You are nothing close to posh." Emily laughed

"I can try!" Allison giggled. 

The nurse walked in, pushing a lunch cart inside.

"Lunch Time!" she smiled

"What is it today Janis?" Emily smiled with hope that it was cheese pizza

"Hot Ham and Cheese." She said with a frown. "But don't worry, we are serving pizza tomorrow and next week, the day you escape out of here."

Emily laughed and took control of the tray. She put it at the perfect position and began eating.

"Yum." Emily said blankly as she tried to swallow without regurgitating.

"Correction, she means NASTY!" Allison yelled.

"Shhh." Janis put her finger to her mouth.


Janis walked out of the room and Allison jumped up also.

"Hey I have to go, my mom just bought a new tv and I want to test it out.

See you tomorrow." Allison smiled and waved as she walked out the door .

Emily waved back and when Allison went out of her view, she smacked her arm down onto her leg. She didn't want to be alone, she hated being alone.

She had nothing to do, she had read all her books. What was she going to do.

"I could help your boring life." Loki walked in.

Emily looked up from fiddling with her hands.

Loki was no longer wearing his usual wear, he was wearing a Rolling Stones tee shirt, Levi jeans and converse. 

"You're dressed casual today" Emily smiled

"No, I am dressing, well the lady at the store, said Swaggers."

Emily giggled. "Swaggers?"

Loki nodded.

She smiled and pointed to the couch. "You gonna stay a while?" 

Loki nodded. "But we are leaving this depressing place, and going to something fun.

"Fun? Like what?" Loki's grin crawled up his face.


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