Ungodly Love (Prequel to Moving On)

Before Emily dated Tony Stark, she already had a 8 month relationship with a unexpected guy. Loki, brother of Thor, and the man who tried to destroy the earth.


14. The man in the golden cloak REVEALED

Emily was bored in the hospital and she didn't know when she was ever going to get out of there. She was sick of the gross food and she had been starting to like it and well, that is not normal. Since Allison and Sebastian were gone she had nothing to do but at least try to text them.

You: Hey, any service on the best crew ship?

Them: Hmm, you tell me XD

You: So how are you and Sebastian doing?

Them: Fine, why you ask...

You: Something weird is going on with you and him

Them: We have to turn our cell phones off, sorry ttyl bye


Emily set her phone down. What is going on with her best friends.

She raised her head to find the man in the golden cloak once again in her room. "What are you doing here?" she yelled. He flinched but didn't move. She heard running footsteps and he would have to leave or be found by the nurse. But instead of him running away in fear or hiding he just stood still. The Nurse ran in panting "What's wrong?" she said, still trying to catch her breath. 

"The man, right there." Emily pointed. The nursed looked to where she was pointing.Her face looked confused. "Ma'am there is no one there." she said with a hint of sarcasm. Emily looked back to the man, who was there. "Sorry, just my eyes playing tricks with me." Emily waved the nurse away. Once the nurse left Emily looked back to the man. "Ok, now you are getting on my nerves." Emily grumbled. "You are messing with my sons feelings, that needs to stop." the man yelled. Emily looked out the window to the hall to see if anybody heard but if they couldn't see him, she doubt they would hear him. 

She looked back to the man "I don't know what you are talking about." Emily confessed. She had to be honest, she doesn't know any guy that their father who ha---. Laufey. I sat up quickly and held the emergency button in her hand.

She would press it if she had to and since she was good at acting, she was going to do a good job and pretending to be really sick. "My son has been rambling on about you." Laufey growled. "Emily is so perfect, she has the prettiest eyes." He mimicked in a girly voice. Emily felt herself blushing. Did Loki really feel that way about her? But before she could daydream about the perfect date and marriage, Laufey started to yell. "You are mortal, just a plain old mortal, he needs to love someone that will give him power and the only thing you will give him is a heartache!" he screamed. "This is a warning." He growled and a flash of light whisked him away. Emily, for some reason didn't think about the threat, she only thought about how Loki had a crush on her and for her sake, she should have stopped blushing 

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