Ungodly Love (Prequel to Moving On)

Before Emily dated Tony Stark, she already had a 8 month relationship with a unexpected guy. Loki, brother of Thor, and the man who tried to destroy the earth.


6. The Father of Hate

3 nurses ran into the room. Emily was on the floor, the green liquid around her body. "WE NEED MORE HELP!" the nurse screamed. A man ran down the hallway toward the screaming.

His black shoes clicking on the tile. He stops in front of the mirror. "Sir, not the time." the nurse yelled she pushed by him.

He still stood in front of the window. He clenched his fists and smashed it into the window. He then stormed down the hallway.

They put Emily on the gurney and rushed her down the hallway.

2 hours later

Sebastian walked into the room with pizza and balloon. His head was in the pizza box smelling the pizza. "I got pizza, mhhh so good. Smell it."Sebastian took his head out of the box to notice nobody was in bed. He walked to the side to see green liquid and blood on the floor. "EMILY!!" He screamed as he dropped the pizza and ran toward the door. He bumped in a tall, buff man. The man grabbed his neck and started choking Sebastian. "ST--OO-P!!!" he choked out. The man dropped Sebastian onto the floor.He started gasping for air. The man walked out. "Em--i-ly." he choked out. He started crawling toward the door. He crawled out and down the hallway.

"AHHHHHHHHHH" a familiar voice screamed. Sebastian crawled faster and toward the voice. "Emily!!" he screamed. He crawled and crawled. He reached the room in which she was in. He got on his knees and opened the door. A walkee Talkee sat on the table and there stood a man. "Em-mily?" Sebastian choked. "What do you know of Emily Coleman?" the man asked as he stood in the light. Laufey's face glimmered in the light.   

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