Ungodly Love (Prequel to Moving On)

Before Emily dated Tony Stark, she already had a 8 month relationship with a unexpected guy. Loki, brother of Thor, and the man who tried to destroy the earth.


17. Party Hard, Fall just as hard

"AIN'T IT FUN!" the crowd screams, louder than the band. "How did you get tickets?!" screamed Emily, but by the look on Loki's face, she knew he couldn't hear her. Loki pointed to the door and she nodded. As they pushed through the crowd, the louder it got. They slammed through the door and stumbled into the lobby. "Man, if I knew mortal concert were this loud, I would have said the movie theater." Loki sighed.

"So where did you get those tickets?" Emily rubbed her ear

"Some mortal was selling them on the internet. So I bought them." Loki confessed

Emily looked to the giant clock, hanging on the wall, and then back to Loki.

"Movies?" Emily requested. Loki looked to her and back to the double doors.

He walked slowly toward her and put his lips to her ears. "Yes." he whispered.

He intertwined their hands. Emily felt herself blush. They walked toward the door. "What movie shall we see?" Emily giggled.

"How about, MockingJay, I heard it was a popular mortal movie." he smiled

"MockingJay it is." Emily rested her head on Loki's shoulder as they walked out the concert doors and into the parking lot.



 It was an interesting ride to the movie theater. Emily laughed hysterically as Loki complained about the Avengers. 

"So Tony really made me mad when he wouldn't convert into one of my personal monkeys, and then he nearly killed me!" Loki cried aloud, in a childish voice. "And then Grandpa, thinks he is so great with his hunk of metal!"

Emily couldn't hold it anymore. She burst out laughing. "You are telling me that then didn't kick your butt?" she laughed. Loki turned to her. "No but they got on my nerves. I JUST WANTED TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!" he pleaded. 

Loki turned his head back to the road. Emily couldn't stop staring at the criminal. He slammed on the breaks and looked to her. 

"We are here... and stop staring at me, it's creepy." Loki hinted. 

He opened his door and ran out. Emily unbuckled her seatbelt and was ready to open the door, but the door flew open before she could even touch it.

"Ma'am." Loki held out his hand. Emily blushed once again. She laid her hand on his. He raised it to his mouth and kissed it. "We are going to see MockingJay!" he replied with a british accent. "Thank you sir, I will tip you with candy." Emily replied. He pulled her up and held his arm around her waist, walking toward the movie theater. When they walked in, he let go. "So, you get the tickets and I need to go to the bathroom." Emily yelled. She was already across the room, pointing toward the ticket counter. Loki slowly made his way toward the counter. "I would like 2 tickets for MockingJay." He demanded, handing the man a bundle of cash. "Uhh it is only $20, not $2000." the ticket holder stuttered, fumbling through the bundle. "Keep the cash." Loki winked and pulled the tickets out of the man's hand. He walked toward Emily, who walked out of the bathroom. "So, here you go, and I will go get food." Loki handed Emily her ticket and she nodded. She walked toward the row of theaters. She turned into theater 4 and walked down the aisle of seats.

She picked 2 seats and sat down. The screen was lit up with commercials for 

This is Us ( Wink Wink Alli ) the new movie based off the best selling novel and the other best selling novel The Time is Right ( Hmm Poison Ace and Becca ).

Loki walked up with his hand full of popcorn, candy, and 2 large cups of pop.

"Eureka!" Emily shouted.

"Well let's just say, if you have a weapon, banks give you LOTS of money!" Loki cackled. He sat down next to her, handing her a pop and 2 boxes of candy. The lights around the room dimmed and brightened back up and the official movie commercials  started. Emily lost focus and stared at Loki. Loki knew she was staring but tried to ignore when finally he couldn't take it and turned  his head toward hers. He looked into her eyes and she looked into his. They both leaned in to kiss. 

"Emily!!" shouted a voice. Emily and Loki shot back and she looked to the boy who was standing with his arms crossed. 

"JACKSON!" she yelled in surprise


~ So I hoped you liked the story Becca, hmm like how I mixed Jackson for you XD ~



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