Ungodly Love (Prequel to Moving On)

Before Emily dated Tony Stark, she already had a 8 month relationship with a unexpected guy. Loki, brother of Thor, and the man who tried to destroy the earth.


2. Locked

Emily opened her eyes to have the creatures in her face. "AHHH!" she screamed. She tried kicking around but her arms and legs were tied down. The creatures held up a scalpel. "GET THAT AWAY FROM ME!!" she screamed. " Let me handle her." Loki said as he walked out of the shadows. The creatures turned and backed away."Well hello there, you tried to kill me." 

"Hello there you tried to destroy the earth." Emily snaps at him. She wasn't in the mood, all she wanted to do is be let free and she can go to Allison's house. "Yes, and they said it would be easy, not everyone holding a grudge on me." he shot back as he pulled a chair over and sat down. "Now what is your name?" he said in a very sweet voice. "Em- Clara." she lied, she would never tell a evil man her real name. " Clara, don't worry, I am just holding you for ransom." he stood up and started walking to a silver door that Emily didn't notice before. "Wait! For who?" she yells as she starts kicking again. "Your father." he then walks out and slams the door. 

Her father? He wasn't important, he was never important, well to her he was but what was so important about him? Well he does make nuclear wea.... NUCLEAR WEAPONS Emily thought as she kicked and tugged more. She had to stop her father from making a big mistake. She tugged and tugged. She was in tennis so she had arm strength and she was in Cross Country so she had leg strength, now all she has to do is use it. She kicked, and kicked harder, but nothing worked. She then started to tug. "SCREECH!" the rope started to rip. "SNAP!!" the rope gave way, which let her arms free. She sat up and she started pulling the rope off her legs. "SNAP!!" those also gave way and she kicked her feet around so she could get them to start working, after all they were really numb. She pushed herself off the chair thing and stumbled to the door. She grasped onto the handle and pushed it down, but it wouldn't open. "Great." she mumbled under her breath. She stumbled around the room looking for a way out. Nothing, nothing, WAIT! She stumbled to a line on light on the floor, she followed it to a window, covered with a black curtain. She pulled the curtain and got blinded with sunlight. she  put her head to the glass to see she was about 2 stories up, but if she aims correctly she could land on the old mattresses. She started to climb out the window.She tried to  pull the window open, she  put her head to the glass to see she was about 2 stories up, but if she aims correctly she could land on the old mattresses. She tried to pull the window open but it wouldn't budge. "Ugh!" she moans, she turned her head and looked around for a heavy object. THERE! She limps to the table and grabs the crowbar. She then runs to the window and swings at the window. The window cracks and shatters. She stopped, she heard loud footsteps. She started to climb out the window, and she sat on the windowsill. She pulled the black curtain behind her. She looked down, she saw the possibilities of broken bones. She positioned herself to jump on the mattresses when she heard the door kicked open. "There!" Loki yells, and Emily took that as her cue, so she pushed herself off.  

~Sorry for the short chapter~

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