Ungodly Love (Prequel to Moving On)

Before Emily dated Tony Stark, she already had a 8 month relationship with a unexpected guy. Loki, brother of Thor, and the man who tried to destroy the earth.


13. Flappy Bird

Emily opened her eyes to once again her best friends playing Flappy bird on the couch.

"NO NO NOO!" Allison screamed as she slammed her phone on her leg. Sebastian smiled, still slamming his finger against the screen. "I'm still going, at 56, I am still go-" Sebastian sang until Allison kicked his side. "NOO!" he yelled,holding his phone as if he got a text that his dog died.

"Wow, I enjoy waking up to this." Emily groaned. She tried to keep a straight face but couldn't help but laugh as Allison's expression over Flappy Bird.

Sebastian stood to his feet. He walked toward the bathroom when his feet slipped from under him and he fell. 

Sebastian, laid there, chuckling. "Dang. if that surgical tool cart was like a smidge closer, I would have cracked my head open on that scalpel" He laughs (Wink Wink)

Sebastian stood back up and continued to the bathroom. "I am so mad!" Allison whined as she slams her phone on the coffee table next to her.

"Because you suck at Flappy Bird?" Emily laughed. Allison glared at her. "You know, if you didn't need that fluid running through your body right now, I swear I would pop that bag right open but I don't want to be charged with murder so lucky you." Allison clenched her fists and punched the pillow.

"Thanks.." Emily said quietly "So why are you mad then?"

"Because Jessica Ramsey... thats why" Allison grumbled

"What about her?" Emily sat up and got ready for the long story, I mean she might as well start with Adam and Eve. "Ok, so you know how ever since 1st grade she was always a attention hog?" Allison started

"No, because we were not in the same school." Emily rolled her eyes.

"Well anyway, blah blah blah blah." 

Emily ignored Allison and looked around the hallway. People crying, others happy, kids running around screaming and a man in a golden cape. He stood tall watching Emily. She still couldn't see his face.

"The DR.TIM.S IS LOADING, IF YOU ARE GOING TO RIDE THE DR.TIM.S PLEASE BOARD NOW!" the announcer yelled from outside.

The dock was right next door. The Dr.Tim.S was the best boat in the world.

World class, and it was created here.The name is short for Doctor Timothy Stallion, the man who made it. Allison just finished her story and she hurried to grab her phone and hugged Emily

"Hey, sorry, got to go, I am going to the island today with Sebastian to visit his grandma, text you!" She mumbled very fast. Sebastian, which Emily didn't notice came out of the bathroom half a hour ago and was standing there watching movies on his phone. Alli grabbed his hand and pulled him out.

"BYYE!" Sebastian yelled as he got pulled out the door.


Sometimes, Emily wished, she could be out of here, to hang out with her friends, and so she can stop eating the puke they call food

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