Ungodly Love (Prequel to Moving On)

Before Emily dated Tony Stark, she already had a 8 month relationship with a unexpected guy. Loki, brother of Thor, and the man who tried to destroy the earth.


10. Bring it to you

Emily blushed til her cheeks were the color of a rose. "Em!" Sebastian yelled. She forgot she could not like him, she just couldn't. She toned it down and looked to her hands. "You coming or not?" Loki snipped. "No, I can't after your stupid father kidnapped me, I am not aloud out of bed." Emily groaned.

Loki nodded his head and walked closer. Allison stepped in front of him. "No, this is at close as your getting." She pushed his shoulder back. He stumbled backwards, and lost his balance. He tried to grab onto the couch but he missed and he fell. "Ouch!" Sebastian whispered. Loki lifted his head and glared at him. Loki used his staff and used the point to hit the back of Sebastian's knee. Sebastian collapsed and whacked his head on the tile. "Yeah, oww!" Loki laughed. Allison helped Sebastian up and they both sat on the couch. "Can we tell her?" Sebastian whispered to Allison, but she shook her head. "Guys, can you leave me and Loki alone?" Emily begged. They both looked at each other and than at her. "Fine." Sebastian groaned.He grabbed Allison's hand and pulled her up. They both walked out, hand in hand. Loki stared at their hands. When they walked out, Loki gave Emily a look. "Did you sense something there?" 

Emily slowly nodded her head.


"Can we tell her?" Sebastian begged to Allison as they walked toward the elevator. "Let's just wait." Allison smiled. Sebastian smiled and pushed the down button. "Can I?" Sebastian winked

"Go ahead." Allison giggled. Sebastian kissed her cheek.

"I wonder how Emily is doing with Loki." Allison whispered. She turned her head back down the hallway. "Hope they are ok."


"So.. since you can't come with me, I will bring lunch to you." Loki grinned. He snapped his finger and a beam of light appeared on the table. "How- did.." 

"I had it on the teleport, just in case." Loki smiled

"Did anyone ever tell you, you had a great smile." Emily complimented. Loki blushed and smiled some more.

"Did anyone ever tell you, that you had a great sense of humor." Loki grinned. Emily felt herself blushing, and worse than ever.

"Now, for lunch." Loki laughed

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