Ungodly Love (Prequel to Moving On)

Before Emily dated Tony Stark, she already had a 8 month relationship with a unexpected guy. Loki, brother of Thor, and the man who tried to destroy the earth.


12. Beams of lights hurt the eyes

Emily stayed up all night thinking about that man in the cloak.

She never could stop. She wanted to know. She grabbed her notebook out of the nightstands drawer and grabbed her pen and started to write:


1. Randomly visiting me?

2. I like him? Maybe

3. Scared of man in gold cloak

Man in cloak:

1. Scared my crush away

2. Scares me

3. I want to kill him for scaring my crush away


She put her pen down and lifted her head up. The man in the golden cloak stood at the end of her bed.

Emily held her breath. She didn't want to make a sound, in fear of death. "Leave my son alone!" The man yelled. A beam of light surrounded him and he was gone.

She knew exactly who that man was. She looked back at her paper. She closed her notebook and set it on her nightstand.

She pulled the covers over herself and closed her eyes.


A man walked into her room. The man moved the tray of surgical tools just an inch and walked out.


Emily had her eyes closed the whole time.


If only she knew....


Sorry for the short chapter.Like it Becca?


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