Ungodly Love (Prequel to Moving On)

Before Emily dated Tony Stark, she already had a 8 month relationship with a unexpected guy. Loki, brother of Thor, and the man who tried to destroy the earth.


1. 17 and already crashed my car....... again

Emily was 17 and her parents bought her a new car. "Take care and if you crash it, you are not getting a new one. Emily nodded. It wasn't even her fault the last time, her bff Allison crashed it. Her parents didn't even care for Allison and only cared about the car. How rude, Allison was in a wheelchair for months. Emily grabbed the keys from her mother. "Yes mom." she started walking out the door. She was yelling " Don't forget, eyes on the road and be safe!" Emily rolled her eyes, she wasn't a newbie, she knew how to drive and she also knew to make sure Allison didn't drive my car. She unlocked her car and slipped inside. The smell of a new car, smelled like cleaner. 

She turned the key into the ignition and started to back out of the driveway. She was going to prove to her parents that she can drive.  She was halfway up the street when she heard a big BANG! The whole street rumbled. She pulled to the side. She looked around the street. Nothing. She got back to the road and drove, she was going to visit Allison, she was at home, which was all across town, down a country road, in the incorporated part of town. She drove onto Kignama Street. It was long and since the sun was beating down, all she could see was the illusions of water. Water,thats all she thought about. Emily shook her head. No,eyes on the road. She thought. But the water looked more relaxing and she was thirsty. Emily kept trying to focus but she couldn't. She was thinking about water, water,a big beam of light, water, what wait? She slammed on the breaks causing her to fly forward, and thank god she had her seat belt on. There was a long, bright, beam of light about 30 feet from her. She looked in the mirror and saw a line of cars behind her. She unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car. Emily wasn't the girl who would go after it, but she was curious. She walked slowly. Just a beam, just a beam with figures falling down. She looked, they were weird, like the creatures that attacked New York last year. She had seen videos and pictures. She watched as they fell. Then a different figure fell, it had a horn shaped head.... Emily backed away, she knew what it was, it was another invasion. She turned and ran "Hey!! GET HER!" the voice yelled, the voice of the devil. She turned her head and saw the creatures going after her. She ran to her and car and jumped inside and slammed the door closed. She hit the lock and shoved the keys in. The creatures were banging on the doors and the windows. She drove through them and headed in Loki's direction. She was going to hit him. He stood there ignoring the fact he was going to get hit. He raised his staff and pointed it to her car. He shot a light to her car. She let go of the steering wheel and covered her face. She saw a flash of light and she drifted away to sleep. Not knowing what was going to happen to her.

~Well I hope you like it! First chapter and Ellie was waiting for this so hope you like it Ellie! ~

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