50 Shades Of Clifford


1. First day in college

It was my first day in college. All I can think about is "would my classmates be nice? Would I make new friends? Would my teachers be normal and not weird perverts like my old school? I'm freaking out". My mind is blowing up. Before I start this, I need a coffee.

The coffee shop is near the arts building, which I'll take my classes and when I arrive, there's a lot of people in there. I make my way to the end of the line to pre payment.

Text message to Ashley:

Hiii poohead? Where r u? I'm in the coffee shop are u really going to miss our first day in college? Ur such a pussy

When I was about to order my coffee, I just felt something burning my back. Is this some kind of a joke? When I turn around, some asshole with green hair is staring at me with a empty cup of coffee, and with a mocking face.

-DID U JUST SPLIT YOUR COFFEE ALL OVER MY FUCKING BACK?? - I say as I watch his face with a fucking smile.

-hmmm... I'm sorry hahaha- I can't believe this asshole is mocking me. When I look at my white t-shirt, is totally wet with coffee.

-what is your problem??

-I'm so sorry!- he says as he still laughing - can I pay yours and buy me a new one? I'm so sorry.

-oh god, now u want buy me a coffee?? You know what? , do whatever you want. I'm getting out of here!- I say as I leave the coffee shop


Inside of the arts building, there's so many doors, so many rooms, and I can't find my fucking first classroom!

-Are u lost??- a guy behind me says

- oh thank god somebody to help m...-as I turn around what do you think I see?? That freak from the coffee shop! Oh god... - You again???

-I'm sorry... Well, again. I'm really sorry, it wasn't my intention. Just give me another chance ok? Oh, I'm Michael by the way..

-hmm whatever, can u show me where is my classroom?- this guy is a jerk.

-sure! Can I just know you name? -he says with a smile. His smile is cute. He's so weird but I can't help staring at his lips...oH GOD NO.

-it's Eva. My name is Eva.


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