Hey there,horan !

I'm not used to this but I think it's destiny


2. the call

It has been 2 days since I met niall at the club an me and Courtney were currently at the mall shopping as we always do on Saturdays. Casey was ill today so she wasn't here. *ring,ring,ri* " hello " I answer to the unknown number that is calling me. " hiya, it's niall" my heart fluttered he'd called! He actually rang me !!! " hey niall so glad to here from you " I said trying to contain my excitement, he chuckled his deep sexy chuckled which made butterflies whizz around my stomach."you too ..... Paige" niall sounded nervous which instantly caught my full attention " niall" he laughed " would... You like ... To go on a date tomorrow" AHHHHHHHH ! " yeah , sure" "great" his voice was excited. "should I dress casual or fancy" " ummmm casual, just be yourself" I smiled I like how he wanted me to be.... Well me " make sure you be the normal niall tomorrow to now bug bucks envolved" he smiled " this is why I like you, your weird" I blushed " well I'll see you tomorrow" I said slowly making him realise I want to speak longer " Text me your address, okay" " okay" silence took over as the only audible sound was our breaths " goodbye niall" I breathed, he laughed" goodbye" and that was it the conversation was over.

" who's that on the phone" Courtney asked coming from the shop she was currently browsing. " Courtney, LETS SHOP!"

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