Hey there,horan !

I'm not used to this but I think it's destiny


1. clubbing

"Stop being so boring" my friend Courtney slurred whilst pushing a shot glass in to my pale hand. I recently just graduated college for fashion and I wanted a quiet drink in to celebrate, but my best friends had other ideas. ' we'll Y.O.L.O ' I thought whilst pouring the sour contents of the glass down my throat. After waiting for the burning sensation to die down I picked up another glass as the girls cheered. I giggled whilst grabbing my wkd and made my to the dance floor. I'm Paige by the way 19 years old and...... Single. It's a cruel world. " hey there's a group of cute guys over there" Casey my other annoying bestie whispered whilst nudging me in the ribs with her elbow. "Soooo" I said making it clear I wasn't interested. There's one thing I don't like about clubs is when you speak to a guy they immediately think your drunk and want sex. Well I'm a virgin and a boy will have to be pretty special to change that. I mean it's like because your in a club saying 'hey' to a guy they think it's a key to there vagina, we'll it's not !

"we'll I am going to speak to that curly haired one over there, he's HOT" Courtney giggle due to the alcohol coursing through her body. I was aways jealous of Courtney mousy brown butt length hair olive skin and a body to die for. " go ahead I'll just chill with Casey" I stated blankly turning to find out she was no longer with us but with a guy with warm brown eyes and brown short quiff. GREAT. I thought just how I wanted to celebrate my graduation.... Alone. I decided to cut my losses and dance on my own. As I was approaching the bar to get another drink a rather... Sexy guy bumped into me. Unfortunately spiilling all of his pint over my WHITE crop top. " shit" he cursed under his breath. He looked up to apologise but I interrupted him. " it's fine really" I chuckled " shit happens, I suppose" I giggled. He chuckled and spoke with what I believed was an irish accent. " seriously I think I owe you a drink though" I blushed " me, too" I smirked. "A Budweiser and ... " the blonde guy looked over at me waiting for my order. " Budweiser, please" I asked politely. " damn.... Your something special" he muttered under his breath probably hoping I wouldn't hear him. My face was a beet root no doubt, I always get like this around attractive guys but for some reason I felt.... Weird, a good weird. " there you go " said the waitress winking at the boy who had yet no name. He turned on his bar stool and just looked at me but I made the mistake to stare in to his almost see through eyes. Sooo blue. I gaped in awe but all to quickly he looked down to his lap with a slight redness on his cheeks. " Paige " I whispered whilst extended my hand to him. " Niall " he replied whilst shaking his hand a small spark tingled my fingers. I brushed it of thinking he was just static. " is that your friend " Niall asked pointing to Casey who was still talking to the boy with brown eyes. I rolled my eyes and replied " yeah, who's that she's with " Niall's eyebrows scrunched in confusion making my expression do the same. " that's..... Liam payne, my band mate" he said with expression that was quite unreadable expression. " band... Mate, what ban........ Fuck" my hand flew up to my mouth in shock. He's niall from one direction. " I'm so sorry, niall" He smiled a small smile " it's fine.... I actually like it that you don't know me" he smiled a genuine smile " I do know you I just didn't realise I love your music but to be honest.... I preferred to talk to niall not niall from 1D " He smiled and stood up. I stood up to and to my surprise... And delight. He hugged me. I was taken aback at first. " thankyou " he whispered in my ear. I giggle " what for ?" He exhaled against my neck sending shivers throughout my spine "for excepting me for me" I pulled back "well I like this you so why would I want you any other shade of Horan" he grinned " you barely know me " I blush " we'll I want a normal guy I don't care about your fame "

" Paige would you mind if I.... Had your number " niall stuttered looking rather nervous. I smiled I actual happy smile " of course" he placed his iPhone 5s in my hand and I quickly typed in my number with a funny contact name 'pretty Paige' he smiled as he noticed what I had placed myself as. " hey niall, let's go man " the one who Courtney was talking to earlier. It was harry.... Harry styles. Niall moved closer to me his intention on my cheek but I was looking at harry so when I turned to niall he 'accidentally' his soft, plump lips landed on mine. His eyes widened and he quickly pulled back " I.. I ... " niall stuttered and I got to admit it was Cute. " so it was my fault" I giggled. He gave me one last hug before he said his goodbye. Disappointment filled me as I saw his figure shrink in the distance until his body was no longer visible. " hey bitch" a slightly intoxicated Casey slurred in my face quaint a nasty scent to fill my nostrils. I huffed knowing my next role. " c'mon let's get you into bed, where's court?" Casey looked like she was thinking hard until she pointed to a booth near the toilets. I let out a quite chuckle as I saw Courtney sprawled over the coach with her hair and make-up a mess and her shoes on the floor beside her.

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