"why me"

this story about the girl who doesn't get anything in her life and she still waiting for some magic happen in her life. what will happen when she get true friends and when she loose them. who will help her? how?


2. school is really bored

friends are not important for our life. they were wrong" friends are the who show us the perfect way. But parents are not "they just show the way where we can get the nice thing, they never thing weather,we like or not" friends are not like that.

I really love to spent my life with my friends but i can't. I never get anything in my life.And i never worried about the beauty because i don't have that.

i always asked one question from god why i born? but i never get reply for that Question.......

what ever i am happy with my friends and my school life.

opps....god tomorrow is Saturday what the hell is this.  "hey she is here" my friends shouted "Nick come over here, we have a break news" I asked "what" they said  "Nick today is our report day" "ohhhhhhh no" i said to my friends.I really hate this day because of my math history teacher.She really hate me and she always notice me, what am I doing,where are am i going with whom. I don't even know why she hate me. she always shout at me. I really don't know what going to happen today. 

"Nick, you don't have to worried about anything" said Sarah with her sweet voice."Why, what do you mean" I asked her. "you don't have to worry because your enemy today didn't come" today said Sarah, she is sick"

"really, oh, thank you dear you save my life" I thank her.

"the bell the bell ring" we go to English class "hi class" said our English teacher Miss Marry. "Hi teacher" said the whole class room with the lowest "what wrong with you guy"

I said "they all are worrying about their result" 

" I see she said" And then she started the class. the one hour pass like a plan.

"It time for next class" said my friends. maths the hell class 'its pass like a snail"

then we go to History class "no it was like that i am hell"

the bell rang "time for break" one of my class mate sing like she is in the heaven"






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