"why me"

this story about the girl who doesn't get anything in her life and she still waiting for some magic happen in her life. what will happen when she get true friends and when she loose them. who will help her? how?


1. it is good to have a friend.

   Oh.....god, tomorrow is Saturday" I don't want Saturday.I can't see my friends until Monday.  Its ok  Nick "said my sis" The one who always want to see me with full of tears.I don't replay anything and  start to pack up my things to school. The bus is here Nickie "said mum" ya mom i'm  ready.

i saw my  friends at the school gate for waitting for me. " my friends have a talent for each of them. Sarah who  can eat always with out taking any break,

Kartiri who can always talk until the blood come out from the  ear.

Karina who always talk about her self, and the least one who doesn't do anything at all just watching others what there are doing.

I know there are bored but I still like them. my friends can do anything for me and i can do anything for them anything". {our friend ship is just only in the school, we never went to shopping together, we never went to park together or even we don't meet each other outside. because of our parents who thinks that 



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