Together forever?

Sorry it's really cliché bc I wrote it last year. But I'm working on a fanfic now on wattpad.


1. Harry's birthday

Your pov.

Today was the day that Harry turned 22 we had met 2 years ago when I was 18 on my birthday. I knew that he was gonna get drunk tonight and try to ya know get some even though he knew I wasn't going to do it till I was married. But he was just that type of person. Thank god he never left my side though or else I could picture him cheating on me. But tonight I was planing a surprise party for him and to make him get super drunk and pass out. Idk I just felt like making him pass out tonight so I could make up a crazy story about what he did last night.

It was about 6:40 when he came home from being with the boys clearly drinking a little but making sure he was sober enough to know what he was doing. He had come in and grabbed me by the waist while I was trying to finish the frosting on his cake. He turned me around and stole a few kisses and frosting from me but I was fine with it. He then covered my eyes and lead me to I think was the bedroom oh god. But then he set me on the bed and left me locked in there. So I just ya know sat there like an idiot waiting to see what was going to happen and just then he unlocked the door and came running in with a bag. He jumped on top of me like a little kid and then pulled me up onto his lap. He handed me the bag with my name on it. He had his devilish smirk on his face that always had me worried about what was gonna happened next. I went in the bag and I really wasn't surprised on what he got me. He got me a really sexy tight like see though dress thing that you would see a ton of nasty girls wear (hookers). I looked at him with my nasty face and he instantly had his puppy dog face on. His green eyes making me feel sorry for him.

"Oh come on baby! For me, it's my birthday after all!"

"Harry you know my rule."

He was sad. I felt bad but he knew. Later on we sat down together and I got his cake I didn't get candles though bc u was planing to smash it in his face. As I got the cake and showed him I did it I smashed it right in his face he screamed and laughed.

"Y/n!!! I'm gonna get you for this!"

"Not unless you can catch me first"

I laughed. He went to the kitchen and got the cake off as I ran to the bedroom we shared and locked myself in the bathroom. He soon came running up the stairs into the bedroom clearly mad but happy. I could tell he was smirking idk how but I knew he was.

"Come out come out where ever you are! It's payback time!"

"Nevvver" I shouted. He then started pounding on the bathroom door like Tarzan. He eventually found a key or something and unlocked the door. I started yelling/laughing telling him to put me down and I was sorry.

"No no no I will get my revenge." He kept repeating I was kinda scared but I knew he wouldn't hurt me. He then threw me onto the bed and threw the hooker outfit at me and told me to put it on or else he would. So he turned around and I very quickly got into it and looked into the mirror.

"Wow baby! You look so damn sexy!"

"Oh that's what you what. A little slut. Sorry sweetheart but I'm not going to so that."

"Hey I'm the ruler here."

At that I knew what he was planing. I made a run for the door but before I knew it he was blocking it. I wasn't scared I really wasn't but this much attention to my body made me really uncomfortable. He held me tight so I couldn't escape and kept eyeing me up and down while I blushed.

"Your beautiful you know that babe."

I just giggled and escaped to the bed. I got under the covers and his myself like a little kid who was scared of the dark. Before I knew it Harry pulled the covers off of me and attacked me with kisses and said "It's my turn now"


"Sorry baby I've waited too long"

And with that he started kissing me wildly and started taking off his clothes left with his somewhat skin right boxers left and me with a see though bra and undies that he had also bought. He then looked at me with dark green gray eyes. I knew that looked it was either when he just woke up or he was ya know horny. I'm sorry I just hate that word. But he then started taking my undies off and unhooking my bra. I think I looked kinda helpless cause when he took his boxers off and supposedly put a condom on he started laughing a bit.

"Are you ready for the best night of your life."

"Try me babe."

With that he was gentle but smirking he knew I was a virgin so he wanted it to be great. Great. So much for waiting till marriage. He was slow then he quickened and got faster and faster we both moaned. Damn that boy. He smiled every time I made a sound or even gripped at his curls or the bed sheets. After I thought was the end he said that he wasn't finished for the night. Perfect.

I got up to take a shower and well since I was ya know naked I just got in and put the shower on. I waiting for it to get warm. I got in and pulled the curtain back only to find it open to the cold air and a muscular tattooed boy hovering over me with a wide grin. Harry hoped in and whispered in my ear.

"You look hot,babe. Let me show you what you do to me."

And with that he attacked my lips like we hadn't kissed in forever. It soon led to a tongue slipping into my mouth and exploring my mouth. I admit it was kinda weird but I was learning about what things Harry did that turned him on. I suddenly took my dominance and pushed him as hard as I could against the shower wall with the warm water showering over us making it heated. He flipped us so that I was against the wall laughing about me trying to be in charge. He put his hand on my thigh practically telling me to jump so I jumped and he held me in his arms not breaking the heated kiss. I could feel his hardness on my entrance still sore from before. I suddenly felt him stretch me out. I screamed not used to his huge size he let me adjust a bit I wasn't used to feeling a dick in me since Harry just had to make me not a virgin. He started thrusting slowly and started getting faster. We were both gasping as he got faster and faster.

"I'm going to make sure you're weak when I'm finished."

He gave about two more thrust when I told him that I was close.

"On three baby"

With that when he said three we both let out and gasped for breath. He let go of me carefully. I practically fell but a large hand caught me and he laughed which make me blush.

"You know I love you,right."

"I know and I love you too!"

"Awh come on I'll help you."

Harry picked me up and pretty much dried and dressed me in one of his shirts. He then got some boxers on himself and pulled me under the covers with him. Within a few minutes a fell asleep with a kiss to my forehead.

I woke up and turned around to see Harry looking at me with his big green eyes looking into my dark brown ones.

"Good morning beautiful"

"Well hello there Harold" I said with a little laugh.

"Come on let's go make some breakfast"

I quickly jump out of the bed and told him that I was starving and he just laughed his deep amazing laugh that just made me melt but I just smiled like an idiot. We both got to the kitchen finally after Harry running after me and tickling me like we were little kids.

"Well what should we make kitten"

"Oooh PANCAKES!!!" I love pancakes and Harry knew it he always bought pancake mix whenever I happened to be there which was usually everyday.

"Good thing I knew you loved them and just bought a new box the other day just for us."

"Yay, and that is why we are so perfect together" as I laughed

As I was mixing all the stuff together Harry but his chin in my neck and kissed my cheek telling me all the things that he liked about me. How sweet he was. But he could be a real pain in the arse sometimes.

"You know I love you right!"

"Yes kitten of course I know that but... You do know that I love you more!" As he kissed me and started to put the butter on the pan.

We finished up breakfast somewhat lunch it was 12:40 and we went and sat on the couch. We watched a bit of TV when out of no where Harry says

"Hey y/n why don't you move in. I mean like really move in."

"I practically am moved in Harry it's just not all my stuff is here."

"I mean get all your stuff and bring it here and live with me,don't have an apartment that you barley use but still pay rent for."

"If you really want me too ok!?"

"I do I really want you to completely move in with me!"

"Urg okay Harry"

"Yay let's celebrate!" Harry said with a wink.

"No Harry I'm tired"

"Please baby"

"Harry!" I said with a laugh. Harry had picked me up and put me over his shoulder leading me towards the bed room. He laid me down and climbed on top of me kissing me all over my neck and my lips. He took off my shirt well his. He then took my undies off and his boxers off. I was giggling at his energy to start. He was grinning/smirking at me while he put the condom on. I pretended to hide my face like a little kid pretending that I didn't see his boner.

"Ready" it wasn't really a question but I said yes with a little laugh. He entered me slowly then put himself in completely filling me up. As I started to adjust to his size Harry started moving which caused me to moan. He got faster and faster causing me to have a knot in my stomach.


"I..I'm close"

"Wait" with a couple more thrusts Harry told me to cum and I did which made him cum into the condom. I could feel his warmth through the condom which made me blush a bit. He exited me and threw away the cum filled condom. Harry climbed in to bed with me still naked but I didn't care. We snuggled under the covers and feel asleep for maybe an hour when I woke up.

I woke up to soft almost quiet snores. Knowing it was Harry and he was still sleeping I just laid there for maybe 2 minutes. I decided to wake up Harry some what sweetly. I pressed my lips to his and then put my forehead against him. He opened his eyes and smiled.

"Good morning beauty"

"Haha well good morning handsome"

"How about we go to the beach?"


"Okay well let's get ready"

Harry hopped out of the bed. I went to the bathroom to put my bikini on and put some clothes on over. I came out and saw Harry putting a shirt on he already had his swim trunks on. Once we got our stuff ready in our pull bags we got into Harry's black SUV and headed towards the beach.

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