Harry and Ginny: Forbidden Love

What if there was a feud between the Potters and the Weasleys?

What if Tom Riddle was never born?

What if when the sorting hat was on Harrys head it said Slytherin instead of Gryffindor?

What if Harry fell in love with the one person he could not have?

I own nothing but the plot

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8. Sick

Harry's POV

I wake up and see Ginny on the bed sleeping ever so perfectly. I get up and kiss Ginny on the forehead then I go to the bathroom to get showered. Oh how I love my girlfriend. Yes she made me sleep on the couch but she is still great! I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I hear a croaky female voice '' Harry?'' I instantly recognize that its Ginny's voice, then I hear her cough, ''when are we planning on heading back to a place called school?'' she says and I hear her cough again. I walk out of the bathroom and see her and she looks like she is about to sneeze and I hand  her a tissue box. She sneezes a big sneeze and blows her nose. It all sounds like an elephant but I still think its cute. She throws away her tissue and washes her hands then hugs me. '' When did you get the cold?'' I ask, concerned.

'' I don't know but I feel terrible'' she replies. I pull away and look at her. Her nose is red and she looks miserable.

'' Lets get you back to Hogwarts'' I say and she nods. ''

But no way am I going like-'' she stars saying but I cut her off.

'' You look fine! Besides, you don't have anything else to wear''

'' I guess your right. Shall we?'' Ginny asks. I nod and take her hand.


 Hey everyone! I feel soooo bad. I have not posted in ages and now I give you the  shortest most boring chapter in the history if chapters! I stopped cause I am way to tired to write. I will post tomorrow morning ( in at least 12 hours). Good luck with all of your movellas! Hope you enjoyed and thank you sooooo much for reading, commenting, liking, favoriteing and fanning!!! I love all of my fanfic addics ( its a complement by the way)!


                                                  _- CuddlePawz

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