Harry and Ginny: Forbidden Love

What if there was a feud between the Potters and the Weasleys?

What if Tom Riddle was never born?

What if when the sorting hat was on Harrys head it said Slytherin instead of Gryffindor?

What if Harry fell in love with the one person he could not have?

I own nothing but the plot

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7. Mouse

Ginny's POV

My eyes flutter open and I see that I am in a jail cell. I look to my right and a see Harry pacing back and forth. "Where are we?"I ask.

"Ginny!" He comes over and hugs me. "I though I- I" Harry sighs then continues, "We are in the Malfoy Manor." I giggle a little and he gives me a look like I just said that I believed in Nargles. I giggle more then say, "I was just thinking about how we were having a great time less than three hours ago and now we are in a jail cell in Malfoy Manor."  

Harry chuckles a little then says, "Yeah. Life is funny that way, huh?" 

I turn my head when I hear footsteps coming from the stairs. It's Shwack. He's a Death Eater but not a very powerful one. "You guys need to quiet down here." He said.

"Make us," Harry responded.

"Watch it!'' Shwack said drawing his wand

"No." Said Harry defiantly.

 "Ratify!" Shwack said. And with that Harry turned into a rat. Shwack leaves with a smirk. I run to Harry and say "If you can hear me look at me Harry!" Harry does not look at me. He looks at some cheese in a mouse trap. What can I expect. I mean he is a rat. I get up and take all the cheese from all the mouse traps and feed him the cheese slowly. As I do I talk to him. I mean what else should I do?  "I wish you were here. Not rat Harry, but human Harry, hot, smart, funny, Harry. Wait, what did I just say?" I stay in silence for I while. Just feeding the rat. I say, "I guess I like you. I guess I really like you. I guess I- I love you Harry Potter." I laugh to myself. Wow. I love a Potter- a Slytherin!  I'm glad I told that to rat and not him. There is no possible way that he would like me that way. "I'm gonna get us out of here'' I get up and  start pacing thinking of a plan. And then it comes to me!  "DOBBY!" I whisper-yell. 

"Yes, Ginny?" I turn around to see Dobby standing there with his big eyes. "Can you please apperate us to a muggle hotel?" I plead .

"Anything for you Ginny," he bows. 

I smile and grab Harry in my hand and with the other I hold Dobby's hand. When we get there, Dobby smiles and leaves so his masters wont know he's gone. I hide Harry in my purse and I get a room. When I get out of a very simple elevator ( it only goes up and down!!!) and get in my room I grab my wand and turn Harry back. I hand him a robe and turn around. '' You can look now'' Harry says. I turn around and give him a big hug. I pull away then he says '' You should go take a shower to clean up that cut'' I look down to the big slash on my side '' Ya that's probably a good idea'' I turn and go and take a shower. When I get out I get into sweat pants and a hoodie that I packed in my bag ( what im always praperd!). When I get out of the bathroom I look in the room and see Harry is not there. I look towards the door and see a note that says ' I took the invisibility cloak and went to get clothes. I have a twenty dollar bill that I will leave in the tip bucket to pay. I will be back in 5 minutes'. Just then the door opens and Harry walks in wearing muggle clothes ( Jeans and a T-Shirt). ''Hey'' I say ''Hey'' he says as he sits down on the couch. I walk toward the couch but I don't sit down. He looks at me then says ''Did you mean everything you said in the Malfoy Manor? You know when I was a rat'' '' You heard that?!? No, you wanted cheese and...'' I feel the tears coming so I turn around and put my hands on my face. '' What, so now your too embarrassed to look at me? Come hear'' Harry says as he stands up and turns me around and lifts my chin up with his finger so that I have to look at him. '' I love you too'' he says in the  kindest way possible. And with that he kisses me. And I kiss him back.     















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