Harry and Ginny: Forbidden Love

What if there was a feud between the Potters and the Weasleys?

What if Tom Riddle was never born?

What if when the sorting hat was on Harrys head it said Slytherin instead of Gryffindor?

What if Harry fell in love with the one person he could not have?

I own nothing but the plot

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9. Glares

Harrys POV

Just great! I think of the furthest part of the castle from the hospital wing to Apparate to. My arms start to ache so I run faster. I look down at Ginny in who is sleeping in my sore arms. She keeps gets more pale every time I see her. I am really scared for her. Yeah, a Slytherin scared. I know. Pathetic. That's when I start to see the glares. The ones that say poor you. The ones that tell you the one glaring is disappointed in you. The ones that say that what you are doing is wrong. And the ones that say you will regret that move. And sure enough,  Ron turns the corner, then the twins, George, Fred, all three of them are Gryffindors and Ginny's brothers.

"Oi! What are you doing with my sister?!" shouts Fred.

"Taking her to the hospital wing!" I shout back as if it is totally normal for a Slytherin to carry a Gryffindor to the hospital wing bridal style. Unfortunately, it's not so Ron shouted back: "What did you do to her Potter!" it wasn't a question though. It was pure accusation. And that's what lead me to say something that I am really not too proud of: "Why would I do anything to hurt my girlfriend?" the hall got dead silent. The kind of silence that was deafening.

I finally got to the hospital wing. Madem Pomfrey grabbed Ginny out of my hands and placed her on the bed. she ran out of the room to go to her medicine room ( not medicine cabinet, medicine room!). Ginny groaned in pain and I ran to her side. "Harry?" she called.

"I'm right here," I responded, placing my hand in hers. She closed her eyes and squeezed my hand with all the energy she had left ( which wasn't much). She fell asleep and I let her hand go so I could lean back on my chair. Ginny bolted up right and looked around. When she saw me she sighed and leaned back on the squeaky bed. "Harry, please don't leave," she pleaded, her voice quiet and frail.

"Wasn't planning on it." I responded. "I was just leaning back on my chair. Ginny, you are going to have to do a lot more to ever to get me to leave."

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