Harry and Ginny: Forbidden Love

What if there was a feud between the Potters and the Weasleys?

What if Tom Riddle was never born?

What if when the sorting hat was on Harrys head it said Slytherin instead of Gryffindor?

What if Harry fell in love with the one person he could not have?

I own nothing but the plot

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4. Detention

Harrys POV

Hear I am sitting in my second detention thinking about Ginny. Did you know her best friend is in Ravenclaw? And her brother's in Slythirin? And Hermione ( her best friend) is dating her brother? IN SLYTHIRIN!!! And the weirdest thing of all is she hangs out with her brother all the time! I'm surprised that I have not met Ron ( Ginny's brother). Just then I mentally slap myself in the face. I am not Ginny's boy friend no matter how much I want to be! Scratch that, I don't even want to be her boy friend! Yes I do. No I don't! YES I DO. NO I DONT! Just then Ginny walks in with tears rolling down her face. " and you have to work on your passing" " yes ma'am" Ginny says not looking Proff.Flitwick in the eye " and you have to work on your dodging" " Proff.Flitwick! I get it! I will find someone older and more experienced to help me make up for practice." " Good or else you will never need to come back to practice!" with that, Proff.Flitwick storms out of the class room. " Harsh" I say trying to clear the tension. Ginny giggles I little and wipes away the tears " She's been giving me a hard time 'cause I've been missing practice a lot" I nod 'cause I cant decide to be mean like the world wants me to or be nice like I want to '' I know we are supposed to be all mean and rough but I can help you with qutich if you want. I can be like your tutor or something'' I guess I chose what I wanted to do. Its my life after all. She giggles and tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear. '' Ya, that would be nice'' she smiles this beautiful smile. It makes me want to kiss her right there. Crap! I'm crushing on a Gryffindore. Then Mconigall {again, how do you spell her stupid name!?! UHG} walks in and says that Snape cant make it ( he cant make it to his own detention!) and we can leave." Thank for telling us'' I say in the sweetest tone I can muster. She leaves with a smile " an hour later after 'detention' started!" I practically yell. Ginny grabs her stuff and says '' I will see you on the quitich pitch at 5, tomorrow'' " Its a date" I say


I hope you liked it. Will someone please tell me how t spell McGonigall correctly. Tell me if you think Harry and Ginny should get together in the next chapter. And read Mr. Right. its a great story!

                                      thank you sooo much for reading

                                                                                               - CuddlePawz

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