Life unexpected

The Future is a word, it can be pronounced by tomorrow, next week the day after, the day, the month, the year That is the future. But in here i'm talking about the Future 2040! Where people don't trust each other, don't speak with each other! Where school is just a screen and a remote. But my mom changed me thing she showed me things, things I din't heaven know!


2. Chapter 2

Mom: Okay ready for the disney Marathon?!!!

Me(in my head): Noooooo!

Mom: Okay so let's begin with... Whoo what not with Cinderella? Or why not Snow White? Or...

Me(in my head): Choose what ever you want! Oh My God!

Mom: Oh I choosed one let's watch Snow White it have a good story!

Me: Okay...!


So we watch Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Peter Pan...

And then she said, she will take me out, where? To the City...City....CITY! Were people see each other, talk face to face. Why, Why is she doing that? People at the City are cruel, judgemental, no hearts, intimidating. But she grabbed my coat and pushed me out of the house.

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