Life unexpected

The Future is a word, it can be pronounced by tomorrow, next week the day after, the day, the month, the year That is the future. But in here i'm talking about the Future 2040! Where people don't trust each other, don't speak with each other! Where school is just a screen and a remote. But my mom changed me thing she showed me things, things I din't heaven know!


1. Chapter 1

So this was that type of morning when my mom would say to me how was life when she was young. I would always hear her cause it`s seem that her life was so interesting, 2000 to 2040 many thing have change (even thought she was born in 1999). She would tell me that school Wasn't a big screen where they would be teacher talking an explaining and or we couldn't have to put pause whenever we want, WEIRD right! So she told me, looking at me with her curly brown hair ( I took this genetic from her)her blue eye`s and those red lips (another genetic that I have taken form her).

Mom: Maria my life was full of sociability I will wake up in the morning 6:30 am so that I could get prepared and then wait the bus so that I could be here in school before class started. I wont wake at 10:00 am so that I would watch my teacher learning me math and stopped the class because I`ll be all tired. And then you would see people gathering around and talk, and people could see and touch itch other not always being texting and speaking by a big screen. Still not many people would be moving but we could make an effort and be going outside, make planes with friend`s and then keep those memories with us.

Me: that must be cool, but why make planes when people are`t trustable, why speak with those people when they can take your information and put it all over the internet. I don`t understand How you would trust these people, weren't you scared when you we`re young that someone would tell all your secret to another person?

she was looking at me with her serious face and tell me,

Mom: I would trust these people cause I know that they trust me to. And I don`t tell you that the first day I meat them that I was already spelling around my secret but when you began to now this person and how she had the same taste has you and how she understand you. You would see that this friend of yours is a trustable person. It wasn't that hard to find friend`s!

Me: Still I don`t understand!?

Mom: Do you have a crush on someone?

what? Crush, what does it mean crush? 

My mom realised that I didn't understand and said.

Mom: You see! Crush mean someone you like that you want to have a relationship, that you have strong romantic feeling`s of that person. Mostly at the age of 15 you want to have a boyfriend, that it`s important for you.

Me: But it`s not because mostly the guys I saw in movie`s are jerked only thinking of them self making girl`s feel weak and... hurhg!  

Mom: I married your dad and look what that got me!

she was speaking of me and how beautiful I am!

Me: Yay but the guys in your day`s we`re different.!

My mom looked at me and she began to laugh.

Mom: Oh my good No! teenagers guy`s were`t that much of a Romeo it`s was hard at your age to find my Romeo.  

Me: Romeo bottleroe who care`s there still the same.

Mom: No not all of them! You will find one sweet,  jerk, dirtbag and ect... but one day you`ll find your Romeo and you be living your Cinderella life.

Me: A who now!

Mom: Damn girl your mama need to show you some 00s movie`s 



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