Hogwarts: Prank War

This is a harry potter fanfic. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Draco are having a battle. A battle to be crowned king or queen of pranking. But who will win? You might be surprised...
*1st part of the 'Hogwart's Prank Wars' Trilogy.*


10. 9 - Quitting?

Ron looked anxiously at Hermione as they sat in the great hall for breakfast. Hermione stared at Ron, he wasn't eating any breakfast which was a first.

"Ron, you haven't ate anything!"

"Not hungry."

Hermione looked down at her own food, somehow Ron being miserable affected her too. Just then, a group of slytherins walked past.

"Hey Ron!"

Ron turned around to come face to face with himself...

the slytherins were wearing masks with Ron's face on.

Ron's face fell, he turned around and started to poke at his food.

"Like the surprise, Weasley?"

Ron stared at Malfoy's smug face.

"Come on, the mask thing wasn't even a prank."

"It was still hilarious."

"You better watch you back Malfoy."

Draco sneered, "yeah right. There is still one more surprise I have for you."

With that, Draco turned and trotted away.

"What a snob," Ron muttered.



Apologies for the short chapter, I just haven't had time to write lately. Please comment if you like this fanfic so I know whether to write more - Cat

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