Hogwarts: Prank War

This is a harry potter fanfic. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Draco are having a battle. A battle to be crowned king or queen of pranking. But who will win? You might be surprised...
*1st part of the 'Hogwart's Prank Wars' Trilogy.*


4. 3 - Meeting Malfoy

Harry was still nervous but he didn't want to disagree with his friends so at 9:45 they started making there way down to the trophy room. 

When they got there they were late but there was no sign of Malfoy. "Where do you think he is?" Asked Neville. "It's obvious, he set us up," moaned Hermione

"Nothing is 'Obvious' Granger."

They turned around and found Draco leaning against the trophy shelf. Harry stood up, "So what do you want Malfoy?"

"I want us five to have a little competition," smirked Draco. He was wearing his slytherin cloak and took a step closer to them.

"What kind of competition?" 

"A Prank war." 

"So," smiled Ron," Rules are... No serious damage to anyone."

"...If you can't take it anymore then you're out and you have lost." Added Harry

Draco then said," And who ever wins will be crowned king," He looked at Hermione," or queen of pranking."

Neville smiled," The competition starts..."

"NOW," they all chanted.

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