Hogwarts: Prank War

This is a harry potter fanfic. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Draco are having a battle. A battle to be crowned king or queen of pranking. But who will win? You might be surprised...
*1st part of the 'Hogwart's Prank Wars' Trilogy.*


3. 2 - The Note In The Night

Harry opened the note expecting it to be something mean. 


Meet me in the trophy room at 10 'o' clock tonight.

Bring mudblood, Weasley and Longbottom with you. 

You might want to bring your wands for light.

Don't worry. Trust me.

- Draco

Harry didn't want to go. Two words stood out to him 'Trust me' the thing was, Harry didn't. He pondered over what to do. In the end he chose to go. 

At 9:45 exactly Harry woke up Ron. "Spiders! Spiders are going to KILL me!" he screamed in his sleep. "Ron, Ro-on! RON!" Harry whispered. Ron just snored. Harry shouted. Ron snored. Harry slapped Ron. "Wha-?" he groaned, "oh it's you Harry. What do you think you're doing?" Harry looked at Ron. "Get Hermione, then i will explain everything." Ron reluctantly dragged himself out of bed and into the girl's dormitories. 

"NEVILLE!" Harry shouted. Neville squealed like a piglet. "Oh sorry." Harry apolgized, "Come to the common room i'll explain everything." Neville and Harry went to the common room. 

The group sat down round the table. Harry threw the note on the table, "I found this in my cloak pocket." Hermione took the note and read it out loud. She paused at the word 'mudblood' and replaced it with 'Hermione.' 

"So what should we do?" Asked Ron.

"It's simple," muttered Neville sounding surprisingly confident. 


"We go."

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