Hogwarts: Prank War

This is a harry potter fanfic. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Draco are having a battle. A battle to be crowned king or queen of pranking. But who will win? You might be surprised...
*1st part of the 'Hogwart's Prank Wars' Trilogy.*


12. 11 - Snape's Office

Malfoy stood uncomfortably in Snape's office, waiting for the professor to say something.

Finally, Snape broke the silence, "Please can you explain what you were doing or I shall be forced to order a search of every Gryffindor's dormitory."

Draco saw no point in hiding what he had done, he was going to be found out sooner or later.

"I was pulling a prank on Harry, Ron and Neville."

Draco sighed and began explained the plan thoroughly, hoping Snape wouldn't tell him to remove all of the alarm clocks. He finished speaking and glanced up at Snape, waiting for a reply.

"15 points will be withdrawn from Slytherin. I am ashamed that you would have sunk that low. Petty pranks against your fellow students... Why Draco?"

"Well you see, it's all of us really. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville & I are all in a sort of competition."

Draco stared at his shoes, when he thought about it, the 'prank war' idea did sound kind of stupid.

"Go on, Mr Malfoy."

"We were competing to see who could pull the best pranks on each other, and who could survive the longest being pranked. You know, a survival of the fittest kind of thing. You probably saw Harry with red hair yesterday, Ron did that to him so he dropped out. Luckily, he found some black hair dye. I'm sorry, professor."

Snape stopped for a second. Unsure of what he should do. Coming to the conclusion that no harm could be done by a few foolish students, he ushered Draco out of his office, reminding him to be more careful next time as other professor might not be so forgiving.


A/N: Short chapter, I know! I'm extremely sorry but it's 3am and I was desperate to update this!! Please let me know if you have any questions, ideas or advice.

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